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The Flora of Mount Shasta

Jeffrey Pine

Pine Family (Pinaceae) Pinus jeffreyi
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Jeffrey Pine © 2001 Ken and Leona Beatty

Growth Form: Tall tree with spreading, open crown, and slight taper to the crown.

Leaves: 3 to a bundle, 5" to 11" long. blue-green to green, persist for 5 to 8 years

Bark: Furrowed with plates of puzzle-like scales, reddish-brown, orange-red to cinnamon-red in mature trees. If the outer bark scales are removed, the exposed bark will have a vanilla, butterscotch, banana or pineapple odor. This odor is more noticeable on the sunny side of the tree.

Spray and Cones of Jeffrey Pine © 2001 Ken and Leona Beatty

Cones: Brown, oval, 5" to 10" long, scale tips with a prickle that curves inward.

Found: May occur along with Ponderosa Pine in mixed conifer forests. Jeffrey may replace Ponderosa in serpentine soils. Principally in the Klamath and Sierra Nevada ranges.


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