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The Flora of Mount Shasta

Mountain Dogwood

Dogwood Family (Cornaceae) Cornus nuttallii
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Growth Form: Dense, round to conical crown; branches may spread horizontally

Flower: Small white to greenish flower in a compact head surround by white petal-like bracts

Blooms: April to June

Leaves: Deciduous; 3 to 5 inches long to 1 to 3 inches wide

Height: Trees up to 30 feet

Found: Moist slopes, temperate climate, partial shade

Tidbits: It was used as a soothing, restorative tonic for stomach ailments. Dogwood is a Native American remedy for fever. Other tribes used the bark as an astringent. The dried root or bark was boiled for tea. Early explorers used this tea in place of quinine when that medicine was in short supply.


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