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Coyote and the Flood

Shasta Myth

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Coyote was travelling about.  There was an evil being in the water.  Coyote carried his arrows.  Now, the evil being rose up out of the water, and said, "There is no wood."  Then the water rose up toward Coyote, it covered him up, Coyote was covered by the water.  Then the water went down, dried off, and Coyote shot the evil being.

Now, Coyote ran away, and the water followed after him.  He ran up on Mount Shasta, ran up to the top of the mountain.  The water was very deep.  Coyote made a fire, for there only was any ground left above the water.  Grizzly-Bear swam thither, deer swam thither, Black-Bear swam thither, Elk swam thither, and Gray-Squirrel, and Jack-Rabbit, and Ground-Squirrel, and Badger, and Porcupine, and Coon, and Wild-Cat, and Fisher, and Wolf, and Mountain-Lion. . . . Then there was no more water.  It was swampy all about.  People scattered everywhere.


Dixon, Roland B.

Journal of American Folk-lore; Vol. 23 No. 87
Collected on behalf of the Huntington Expedition of the American Museum of Natural History
The following myths were collected at the Grand Ronde and Siletz Reservations in Oregon, and at Oak Bar, Siskiyou County, California.
p. 36


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