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Literature of Mount Shasta

Ladies Make Trip to Summit of Lofty Mt. Shasta

From The Siskiyou Coal Mine and Other Stories

© 1982 Cy and Sally Rippon

Reprinted with permission.
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Yreka Journal-August 19, 1891-
(Taken from a clipping)-The Record Union Newspaper says a lady first made the ascent of Mt. Shasta, which is not correct. The first ascent was made by men, although some ladies did make the second or third trip, but were really almost carried up to the peak from the hot sulphur spring near the summit-Yreka Journal, August 12, 1891.

Gazelle, California
August 13, 1891

Editor, Yreka Journal -
Dear Sir: A portion of the above item referring to the ladies being "almost carried up to the peak from the hot sulphur spring near the summit," is at least, so far as a portion of them is concerned, incorrect.

I was one of the first party of ladies who ever made the ascent of Mt. Shasta on September 9, 1856. Our party consisted of Captain Pierce, D.B, Sanborn, James White, Richard Riker, John Selkirk, Hiram Sparling, John Gordon, Mr. Gage, Thomas Stevens, David Lowery, and a gentleman whose name I have forgotten; Mrs. Ross of McCloud, Mrs. Gage (sister of Mrs. P. S. Terwilliger, and myself, all early settlers of Siskiyou, several of whom are still living here and elsewhere. This was the third trip for Captain Pierce, who with Norval Garland and others, made the first ascent.

I can state positively that neither Mrs. Lowery, Mrs. McCloud or myself (who happened to be together,) were "carried up from the hot sulphur spring to the peak," or any other portion of the way; and further, the ladies of the party stood the fatigue of the trip full as well as the gentlemen.

Again, on September 9, 1866, just ten years to a day later, in company with my sister Mrs. L.M. Foulke, I made another trip to the summit of Mt. Shasta, and as in my first trip, we made the ascent to the very highest peak without either of us ever being carried or especially assisted.

Very respectfully,
Harriette C. Eddy.


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