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Literature of Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

From Poems By Mrs. J. W. Strevell, 1899

By J.W. Strevell

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MAJESTIC mountain, on whose lofty crest,
I almost fancy, Angels poise in flight;
Unite with Nature's harmonies, to bless,
And praise thy Maker, in His matchless might.

The plaintive notes of woodland bird below,
The breeze that wakes the tuneful pine's deep sigh,
Loud anthems; when the thunder shakes thy brow,
All Nature, speaks the praise of God most high.

I fain would linger near, and gaze upon,
Thy kingly splendor and thy robe of light,
Forget the lesser things, and feast my soul,
On Nature's nobler works! Nor wish the night.

Unwearied hours of autumn afternoon,
I looked with wonder, on thy majesty sublime,
And now the starlit heavens and full-orbed moon,
On thy resplendent beauty faintly shine.


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