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Literature of Mount Shasta

Night on Shasta

From Literary California, 1918

By Ralph Bacon

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How very close to heaven it seems up here,
When noiseless night her velvet curtain drops!
I dare not raise my head above the copse
Lest I should bump some star, they are so near.
How dark below; above, how dazzling clear!
The moon, just risen, sails the sky and stops
Resplendent, in the dark firs' stunted tops-
But where the goddess of the silver spear?

Sweet heathen! She has not the hardihood
To hunt so close the very throne of God;
Her beauty cannot charm this sacred wood;
She dares not tread upon such hallowed sod;
In some Ionian vale she conquers still,
But not upon this vast sidereal hill.


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