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The Atsugewi traded with their nearby neighbors, the Achomawi, Northern Paiute, Northeastern Maidu, Yana, Klamath, and Northern Wintun. The following chart summarizes the information on their trading partners and trade goods compiled by Davis.

Trading Partners
Supplied to:
Received from:
Achomawi Furs, hides, meat, seeds, epos and other roots, vegetables Basketry caps, tule baskets, salmon, salmon flour, rabbit-skin blankets, acorns, dentalia
Northern Paiute Bows, baskets, shell beads Horses, guns and glass beads (historic period), buckskins, red ochre, Olivella beads.
Northeastern Maidu Horses (historic period), furs, bows, buckskins Clam disc beads, skins, coiled baskets
Yana Buckskins, arrows, wildcat quivers, woodpecker scalps Salt, dentalia, buckeye fire drills
Klamath   Baskets
Northern Wuntun   Clam disc beads, dentalia
(Davis 16)


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