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The Wintu are the northern most group of the Wintun people that inhabit a long narrow stretch of the western Sacramento Valley north of the San Francisco bay to the Trinity/Sacramento/McCloud rivers (Lapena 324). Other names associated with the Wintu have included: Wintun, Wintoons, Kenesti, Patawe and Northern Wintun (Brandt and Davis-Kimball xviii). Du Bois identified nine major Wintu groups:

nomtipom 'in-th'west-ground' (upper Sacramento valley), wenemem or wenemen 'middle water' (McCloud), dawpom 'front-ground' (Stillwater), 'elpom 'in-ground' (Keswick), λ'abal-pom 'good (peaceful) ground' (French Gulch, nomsu·s 'those being west (Upper Trinity valley people), dawnom 'front-west' (Bald Hills), norelmaq 'south-uphill people' (Hayfork), and waymaq 'north people' (upper McCloud River valley). (Lapena 324).


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