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The Wintu carried on trade with their close neighbors, and they acted as middlemen in the movement of dentalium shells from the north and clam disk bead money, their primary currency, from the south. Clam disk beads, manufactured by the Pomo Indians, "were used in the trade of goods up and down the Central Valley" (Chase-Dunn, Clewett, and Sundahl).

Chiefs conducted almost all formal trade and gift-giving, utilizing some of the provisions provided by their village members. These exchanges between chiefs ensured village survival during times of shortages (Chase-Dunn, Clewett, and Sundahl). Some of the items traded by the Wintu included: deer hides, clams, pine nut beads, acorns, baskets, and woodpecker scalps. In return they received bows, arrowheads, obsidian, dentalia, deerskins, and pelts (Davis 37).


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