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David Carico


The links on this page lead to some of my favorite astronomy related web sites. Enjoy!
Life in the Universe: general Interstellar communication & travel The life of a star
SETI Institute NASA's Glenn Research Center HR (Hertzsprung-Russell) diagrams
The Drake Equation Solar sailing A fun interactive HR diagram
More on the Drake Equation Project Orion (nuclear propulsion) The HR diagram and spectral classes
Life on Earth: A tour of geologic time "Ramjet" propulsion How long do stars live?
NASA's "Ask an astrobiologist" Matter-antimatter propulsion (Internet Encyclopedia of Science)  
The "circumstellar habitable zone" (CHZ) Matter-antimatter propulsion (Science @ NASA)  
The "Galactic habitable zone" (GHZ) Matter-antimatter propulsion (Penn State University)  
More on the GHZ Wormholes (Stephen Hawking's Universe)  
More on CHZs and the GHZ Wormholes (Internet Encyclopedia of Science)  
Life around low mass stars Warp drive in the "real world"  
More about low mass stars    
Still more on low mass stars    
The solar system Extrasolar planets ("exoplanets") SETI searches
Overview NASA's exoplanet center SETI Institute
  The Planetary Society's exoplanet center History of SETI
  The "Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia" The Cocconi-Morrison conjecture
  NASA's updated summary of exoplanets "Searching for Interstellar Communications," by Cocconi & Morrison
  Wikipedia's article Project Ozma
  A neat simulation of the transit method Project Phoenix
  The Kepler mission More on Project Phoenix
  NASA's Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) UC Berekeley's SERENDIP
  The smallest exoplanet yet found (as of May, 2009) Hat Creek Radio Observatory
  Join the search for extrasolar planets! SETI Institute's Allen Telescope Array (ATA)
    Arecibo Observatory
    The Very Large Array (VLA)







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