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Maid Dance:

First half of Diogenes:

more of Oh Diogenes:

The rest of Oh Diogenes:

Come with Me:

Sing for your Supper:

Twins Dance:

first half What can you do with a Man:

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The Boys of Syracuse Rehearsal Schedule for April!

March 23-31 Spring Break

Monday April 1st
5:00-6:00 Run All Dances. Dinner. Whole Cast with Pit Orchestra in T-1 7-9:30.  Eric will set up mics.

Tuesday April 2nd
3:30-6:30 Run Show

Wednesday April 3rd
3:30-6:30 Run Show

Thursday April 4th
3:30-6:30 Run Show

FRIDAY April 5th
3:30-6:30 Run Show