The Imaginary Invalid
A wonderful adaption of Moliere’s 1673 play, The Imaginary Invalid, written by James Magruder in 1998 for the Yale Community Theater. Directed by Tom Murdock. Set and Lighting Design by Neil Carpenteir-Alting. Costume Design by Sharon Swingle
Spring 2010
toinette and argan
angelique and argan
angelique and toinette
argan and beralde
dead argan
bonnefoi and beline behind argan’s back
toinette and argan fight
cleante pulls argan’s finger
dr. purgeon and company
argan’s enema
the enticement of argan
mountain gypsies
Rick and Peggy Nixon--Tango
louise and argan
thomas and his proud father
thomas tries to touch angelique
thomas and cleante faceoff
toinette’s disquise
toinette plays doctor
doctor’s dance
protecting her sheep
final moment
Cast Photo
toinette’s costume
fleurant’s costume
satyrs and the sheep