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Dentist slaps Audry Audry 2 eats Mushnick Semour and Audry hug. Line in the Flower Shop. The Dentist dies. Audry afraid of Audry 2. Mrs. Luce hugs Semour. Audry on the phone.
Dance with Audry 2. The Bad Lady sings. Audry on the phone. A bum looks through the flower shop window. Mrs. Luce throws money in the air. Do-op girls hang out with Mushnick. The Dance that opens the show. Semour takes a cleaver to Audry 2.
The girls take plant clippings. Semour dealing with frantic customers. Goofing around on the set--Audry 2 bites Mr. Mushnick. Crystal with her Beehive doo and rhinestone glasses. Audry sporting her incredibly spikey heels. A very long line in the flower shop. The dentist comes after Semour with his very dull antique dentist tools. Mid-dance...