Web Space Request Form

If you are a staff member at the College, you may request your own web space on the College's World Wide Web server. If you are a faculty member, club advisor, office manager, or president of various groups on campus, your class, office, or group (as appropriate) may also have its own web space. Fill out the form below and submit it to start the process. We will create space for each web area and give you access to that area. If you have questions or would like to let us know about a broken link on the website, please write to us. For further information, you can read our page on Getting Started on the College of the Siskiyous Web.

This form must be submitted by the person who will be responsible for the content in the newly-created area (faculty member, supervisor, etc.).

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Check this box if you will be uploading and downloading web pages from an off-campus computer and need FTP access to this directory.

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If you allow others to have access to your web area, you are still the responsible person for the content of pages that reside in your web area.

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If you have questions about filling out this form, find bad links on the website, or have pages that are ready to be linked, please contact us by email or phone 938-5520. You can also read our page on Getting Started on the College of the Siskiyous Web.