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John Muir

A Conversation with John Muir (1906) (PDF)
John Muir talks about leaving Sisson's Tavern for a morning walk and ending up going all the way around Mount Shasta and returning seven days later.

Modoc Memories (1874) (PDF)
A visit to the Lava Beds in northeastern California by John Muir. Subheadings include: "The Lake--The Lava-Plain," "A Tragic Spot--The Modoc Stronghold," "The Modoc Capture," and "Captain Jack's Cave-Geological Phenomona."

Notes from Shasta (1877) (PDF)
Muir reports from Sisson's Station, Calif. (Mount Shasta City) on the weather, livestock, tourists and other conditions around Mount Shasta.

Salmon Breeding (1874) (PDF)
John Muir describes his trip to the Mount Shasta region and especially the United States Salmon-Breeding Establishment on the McCloud River.

Shasta Bees (1874) (PDF)
John Muir describes the variety of bees and their habitat on the slopes of Mount Shasta, Calif.

Shasta Game (1874) (PDF)
Muir accompanies a hunting expedition for wild sheep and mule deer northeast of Mount Shasta, Calif. Subheadings include: "Sheep Rock," "Mount Bremer," "On Bremer Ranch," "A Day's Hunt and Wearied Hunters--Mule Deer," "The Hunt Continued," "Sisson Joins the Hunt Among the Lava Cliffs," "The Savage Elements in Man-Some Results," and "Last Day of the Hunt--A Storm."

Shasta in Winter (1874) (PDF)
John Muir tells of his November 1874 solo ascent of Mount Shasta in a snowstorm. This ascent should not be confused with his April 30, 1875 ascent with Jerome Fay, when both were trapped overnight on the mountain by a storm.

Snow-Storm on Mount Shasta (1877) (PDF)
John Muir describes the singular beauty of Mount Shasta, discusses the botanical zones, then relates his April 30, 1875 ascent with Jerome Fay where they are caught near the summit in a snowstorm and survive by lying in the hot sulphur springs.


John Muir Exhibit at the Sierra Club

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