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ADHS 0950 - Stages of Addiction Recovery

This course will explore the four stages of recovery from entering rehab to late stage recovery while addressing current theory techniques for assisting recovering people. (AA)

ADHS 1001 - Introduction to Human Services

This course is an introduction to the broad spectrum of human services. The course includes an exploration of the history, theories of human service practice, and the impact of legislative mandates upon program planning for human service delivery. The course will present a study of the human service delivery systems with regards to policy and procedure, cultural competency, the politics and economics of the system and evaluation of the legal and social issues. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1010 - Introduction to Chemical Dependency

Advisory: ENGL 1001

This course presents an overview of the problem of Chemical Dependency. It is designed to be an introduction to certificate programs in Addiction Studies for professionals, counselors-in-training, and for other interested community members. The course will include a survey of the history and theories of psychoactive substance use, a review of current approaches to prevention and treatment, and an examination of public policies mounted in response to these problems. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1011 - Community Outreach and Referral

Students will explore the concepts of alcohol and other drug prevention, substance abuse, community education, Human Services communication and crisis counseling techniques and theories. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1013 - Relapse Prevention

This course will provide students the opportunity to understand better the dynamics of chemical dependency relapse and its prevention, delineate the role of aftercare planning, and provide techniques for consultation and referral. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1025 - Conflict Management and Negotiation

This course is designed to prepare students to manage effectively conflict both inside and outside the workplace. The course will focus on anger management, communication skills, consensus building, and negotiations within the Alcohol and Drug and Human Services field. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1512 - Family Counseling

This course will explore theories of family interaction and roles in the chemically dependent family and techniques for motivating family involvement in the treatment process. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1515 - Physiological and Pharmacological Aspect of Substance Abuse

This course will survey the physiological and pharmacological aspects of psychoactive substance use and abuse. Major areas of inquiry include theories of alcohol and other drug addiction, the classification of psychoactive drugs and their effects within the human body; tolerance, cross tolerance, synergistic effects and withdrawal and will review physiological differences between males and females. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1517 - Law and Ethics for the Helping Professions

This course will survey current legal sanctions, specific issues regarding legal responsibilities, clients rights, and state and federal regulations for human service professionals. This course will overview codes of ethics for alcohol and drug and human services, including scope of practice, confidentiality, boundary issues, models of community and client prevention, education and advocacy. This course will overview client engagement: screening, intervention and referral. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1521 - Identity/Cultural Awareness

This course will explore cultural diversity issues within the addiction and Human Services field/setting with regard to age, gender, sexual identity and ethnicity. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1525 - Personal and Professional Growth

This course covers the personal and professional aspects in the field of alcohol, drug and human services. This course will address the signs and symptoms of counselor burnout, develop awareness of personal strengths and limitations, and increase skills for self-care. Students will explore ethical and professional standards, certification requirements, professional associations and application of the ethics code to professional behavior for alcohol and drug counselors, as well as human services workers. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 1526 - ADHS Individual, Group, and Family Counseling

This course will examine counseling approaches, interviewing techniques, and purposes of counseling groups and individuals. Students will gain insight into theories of family interaction and roles of the chemically dependent family and techniques for motivating family involvement in the treatment process. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 2018 - Case Management

This course will engage the student in case management which will include: intake and the assessment process for differing populations; psychosocial histories, screening, treatment planning, mental health and co-occurring issues; factors related to cultural competence; advocacy and agency linkage/collaborations; confidentiality; client termination; and resource and referral services for clients, This course will discuss topics of suicide, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence and crisis interventions. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 2020 - Alcohol and Drug/Humans Services Practicum

Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 13 units of the certificate in ADHS program course work, including at least one course from each of the following groupings: Group 1 - ADHS 1013 or ADHS 2018 or ADHS 1011 – one course Group 2 - ADHS 1010 or ADHS 1526 or ADHS 1515 – one course Group 3 - ADHS 1525 or ADHS 1517 – one course

This course provides students the opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding, and competency in the field of alcohol and drug counseling and human services. The classroom setting emphasizes the concepts gained through course prerequisites and supports the student working under supervised field experience in a community agency. Students must begin their practicum in an approved agency at the start of this practicum course. Students have one year from the end of this course to complete their practicum hours. All practicum hours must be signed off by the student’s instructor and supervisor within this time frame. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 2519 - Basic Helping Skills

Students will explore the therapeutic approaches, techniques, and purposes of counseling groups and individuals for alcohol and other drug problems in the Human Service system. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 2526 - Understanding Disability

This course provides a survey of diverse disability conditions that occur throughout the human lifespan and explores the history and culture of the disability experience in the United States. This course also explores historical and contemporary perspectives on the definition of disability. Students will examine rights, prejudices, and core social and ethical issues that influence the experience of disability within American culture. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 2540 - Society and Aging

This course will examine the social, physical, and political aspects of an aging society. The interactive course provides the basics of Gerontology (the study of human aging) through lecture, video, research, and experiential involvement, and by discussion with people currently working in the field of aging. (AA, CSU)

ADHS 2949 - Work Experience

Occupational Work Experience is supervised employment extending classroom-based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the student's educational or occupational goal. One work experience credit can be awarded for 60 hours of unpaid work or 75 hours of paid work. Students can earn a maximum of 16 semester units, 0.5-8units/semester. This course is a companion course to ADHS 2020. This course may be taken for credit a total of four times. (AA, CSU)


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