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ECE 0958 - Early Childhood Education Lab

Corequisite: Concurrent enrollment in ECE class

This course complements ECE lecture courses. This is a lab course designed for the student who is considering a career in Early Childhood Education or has an emerging interdisciplinary interest in Child Development. Activities included in ECE Lab include observation of typical and atypical young children and their interactions with teachers and family using indices of cognitive, psychosocial and physical development and theories presented in ECE lecture classes. In addition to observation, supervised teaching and curriculum preparation, including implementation of Developmentally Appropriate Practice, will take place at Discovery Child Development Center or at Mentor Teacher Sites with instructor permission. (AA)

ECE 0960 - Preschool Language and Literacy Curriculum

This is a course of study providing theoretical background and practical application of literacy instruction in preschool settings. Students must have access to preschool age children. (AA)

ECE 0961 - Preschool Language and Literacy Curriculum II

This course will introduce current research and effective strategies for successful language and literacy instruction to pre-Kindergarten children. Course content will focus on the theory and practice of literacy instruction in four areas: Reading Aloud, Letter Knowledge, Oral Language and Written Expression. Students must have access to preschool age children in a home or classroom setting. (AA)

ECE 1001 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Advisory: ECE 1001

This course is designed to introduce students to the principles, practices and standards of early childhood education. (AA, CSU) (C-ID: ECE 120)

ECE 1002 - Child Development

This course includes the study of child development from conception through adolescence, with emphasis on personal development and family and social interactions. For UC transfer, only one course will be accepted if both ECE 1002 and ECE 1999 are taken. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: CDEV 100)

ECE 1003 - Child, Family, and Community

This course includes the study of theories of socialization and child development that address the interrelationships between the child, family and the community. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: CDEV 110)

ECE 1500 - Introduction to Curriculum

This course is designed to support students in applying principles of early education as they recognize, design and assess developmentally appropriate materials and curriculum. Course content includes an overview of philosophies, theories, and standards as they are related to choosing materials and implementing curriculum which reflects Developmentally Appropriate Practice. (AA,CSU) (C-ID: ECE 130)

ECE 1501 - Child Guidance and Management

Advisory: ECE 1001 and/or ECE 1002

This course presents theory, principles and practices basic to positive child guidance. The class emphasizes psychological development recognizing the ethnic and cultural diversity of children and families, including typical and atypical developmental patterns. (AA,CSU)

ECE 1502 - Serving Children and Families in a Diverse Society

This course presents and explores principles and practices of working with diverse groups of young children and their families. There is emphasis the development of identity in diverse societies, including the theoretical and practical implications for young children, their families, early education programs and early educators. Students will gain familiarity with current research in anti-bias education; and will explore personal and societal biases in order to best inform teaching practices and program development. (AA,CSU)

ECE 1999 - Human Development

This course includes the study of human development throughout the life span, from conception to the end-of-life, with emphasis on personal development and family and social interactions. Particular emphasis is upon development from adolescence to the end-of-life. Areas of study include the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial domains. (AA,CSU,UC)

ECE 2000 - Observing and Assessing

This course is designed to prepare students to observe and authentically assess young children in order to plan and implement developmentally appropriate early education curriculum and programs. Emphasis is upon familiarity with developmental guidelines and recognition of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. The class will include review of California State "Desired Results" for early education and emphasis on developmental appropriateness in relation to these standards. The course includes weekly observation and supervised work with young children in a Lab School/Mentor Teacher setting. (AA, CSU) (C-ID: ECE 200)

ECE 2002 - Child Nutrition, Health, and Safety

Prepares early educators and parents to identify aspects of nutrition, health and safety fundamental to optimal growth an development during childhood. This course includes evaluation of the relationship between nutrition and health as well as assessment of the benefits inherent in early education environments emphasizing best practices in nutrition and health. Work requiring evaluation of standards, policies and procedures, as well as recognition of the role of families and health professionals. (AA, CSU) (C-ID: ECE 220)

ECE 2003 - The Young Child with Special Needs

Prerequisite: ECE 1001 or ECE 1002

This course offers a survey of atypical development that may affect the course of physical, cognitive and psychosocial development in the young child. (AA, CSU)

ECE 2500 - Supporting Family Relationships and Parenting

This course is a study of the diversity of modern marriage and family within an historical and social context. Using principles and methods of the social sciences, the course offers an overview of family cycles, including aspects of courtship, marriage and partnership, adjustments, parenting and step parenting, divorce, aging and socioeconomic status. (AA,CSU,UC)

ECE 2501 - Administration of Early Childhood Education

Principles and practices of program planning, budgeting, and personnel administration for early childhood programs and agencies serving young children. (AA,CSU)

ECE 2502 - Early Childhood Education Practicum

Prerequisite: ECE 1001, ECE 1002, ECE 1003, and ECE 1500

Students must be provide proof of immunization or titer clearance to be placed in CCC early education practicum programs.

This course offers an opportunity to demonstrate developmentally appropriate early childhood teaching competencies under guided supervision. (AA,CSU) (C-ID: ECE 210)

ECE 2504 - Infant Development

Prerequisite: ECE 1001

Course content includes developmental theory from conception through the third year of life and overview of Developmentally Appropriate Practice as applied to work with this age group. There is emphasis upon the role of caregiver and families in a diverse community. Both typical and atypical development will be viewed. (AA,CSU)

ECE 2505 - Development in Middle Childhood

Advisory: ENGL 1001, ECE 1002 or concurrent enrollment in ECE 1002

This class covers the cognitive, psychosocial, and physical development of the school aged child, including consideration of cross-cultural, historical, and societal influences. The course will consider contemporary theories of primary education and extended care giving emphasizing the unique nature of after school programs. (AA, CSU)

ECE 2510 - Creative Art Activities for Young Children

Advisory: ECE 1001

This course presents an overview of theory and practice in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate art experiences for young children. Study will emphasize the developmental process involved in children's art as well as the stages through which children move as they manipulate materials in creative art. The roles of Representational Competence, Sensory Exploration, and Self Expression are emphasized. (AA, CSU)

ECE 2512 - Science Experiences for Young Children

This class focuses on the theoretical foundation and practical application for preparing developmentally appropriate science activities for preschool children. Included in the course are: understanding the implementing activities; integrating science with other areas of preschool learning; creating a professional portfolio. (AA, CSU)

ECE 2525 - Staffing and Employee Relations in ECE

Prerequisite: ECE 2501

This course familiarizes students with the duties of an administrator in a preschool setting. Emphasis is placed upon professional principles, practices and standards in work with staff, families and community. (AA, CSU)

ECE 2527 - Adult Supervision of Early Childhood Education

Prerequisite: ECE 2501

This course emphasizes the principles and practices of staffing in early education programs. It is required by California Department of Education's Master Teacher Permit. (AA, CSU)

ECE 2929 - Special Studies

This course provides an opportunity for capable students to do additional study on selected topics in early education. (AA,CSU)

ECE 2949 - Work Experience

Occupational Work Experience is supervised employment extending classroom-based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the student's educational or occupational goal. One work experience credit can be awarded for 60 hours of unpaid work or 75 hours of paid work. Students can earn a maximum of 16 semester units, 0.5-8units/semester. This course may be taken for credit a total of four times. (AA, CSU)

ECE 9081 - Early Childhood Education Workshop

This course allows instruction and training in a variety of areas that are not specifically covered in comprehensive early childhood education classes. The workshop is designed to benefit those employed and/or planning to be employed in the field of early education. May be taken for credit a total of four times. (NDA)


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