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Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)

CWEE Forms

Information for Employers

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is a work-based learning program in which employees or volunteer workers earn college credit for what they learn on the job.

Any employee or volunteer, whether a trainee or a long-time, experienced worker, can earn up to 8 units in one semester, and can earn a total of 16 units of degree applicable college units which transfer to 4-year universities.

Units are awarded based on the completion of learning objectives that have specific and measurable outcomes. Learning objectives are created by the college instructor, employee/student and employer working cooperatively. The learning objectives must be appropriate for the job, meet the needs of the employer, and meet the requirements of a college-level learning experience.

The typical CWEE student is an employee who enrolls in CWEE and then meets with the supervisor to enlist the supervisor's involvement and to discuss potential learning objectives.

How it Works - for Employers

  1. Student/Employee attends an orientation provided by the CWEE Coordinator
  2. Student/Employee completes and signs the CWEE Application packet
  3. CWEE Coordinator and Instructor approve Student/Employee Application
    1. Student/Employee coordinates with CWEE Coordinator, Instructor and Employer to identify Learning Objectives for the semester
    2. Employer signs Learning Objectives page
  4. Upon receipt of above completed and signed forms, CWEE Coordinator will provide Student/Employee with Employer Letter
    1. Employer signs Employer Letter
    2. Student/Employer returns signed Employer Letter to CWEE Coordinator
  5. Upon Coordinator approval, Student/Employee registers for CWEE appropriate course at Admissions and Records or online through mySiskiyous/Admissions
  6. During the semester Student/Employee work hours must be tracked on CWEE Monthly Timesheet
    1. Timesheets are due to the CWEE Coordinator at the end of the month and no later than the 15th of the month following the month worked
    2. The employer/supervisor completes the bottom section of the timesheet indicating progress towards learning objectives and signs timesheet
  7. NOTE: All Student/Employees must complete all required hours to receive credit for work experience. Work hours are counted from the date student registered for the class.
  8. Instructor/CWEE Coordinator will meet at least once with the Employer during the semester to evaluate the Student/Employee progress towards Learning Objectives
  9. Grades for CWEE are based on:
    1. Completion of required work hours
    2. Completion and submission of all required paperwork by due dates
  10. Grades for CWEE are based on:
    1. Completion of required work hours
    2. Completion and submission of all required paperwork by due dates
    3. Submission of all timesheets, completed correctly by the due dates
    4. Employer and Instructor ratings of Student/Employee performance

Employer Benefits

  • Employer experiences lower recruiting costs because trained CWEE students are able to begin permanent positions
  • Employer is provided the opportunity to communicate business and industry requirements to the college
  • CWEE students are often more motivated, enthusiastic employees because their work is evaluated and translated into college units

Contact Cooperative Work Experience Education

Phone: (530) 938-5201