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Proctorio Student Guide

Getting Started


Hello there! You're lucky enough to use Proctorio in this course to take your online exams.

This will require the use of a webcam and microphone (internal or external).

Like a bouncer at a night club, you will also be asked to show a photo ID. You can use either a valid drivers license, passport, or school ID.

With Proctorio, there is no need to schedule exams in advance, take them wherever and whenever you want!

Proctorio isn't a creepy person staring at you through a webcam. Instead it's a system of computers that keep an eye on you while you take the test. Computers are great because they are unbiased and don't mind working long hours.

Feel comfortable taking your exams at home and even in your pajamas. Only your professor and school admins have access to recordings. Yes, you are being recorded, so try not to do anything embarrassing.

Last of all, relax! Proctorio isn't designed to add stress. Our wonderful support staff is here 24/7 to help you.

Good luck on your exams!!
Team Proctorio

Getting Set Up

Installing Google Chrome

When you're ready to set up a proctored exam you will need to use Google Chrome.

Chrome is fast, secure, and works on any computer - best of all it is free!

To install Chrome on your computer please go here:
Once Chrome has downloaded you'll need to use it to access your exams.
Do not use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Installing the Proctorio Extension

Proctorio also requires a small app that needs to be added to Chrome. You only need to do this once.
It takes less than 30 seconds, please go here.

Student Proctorio Checklist

This checklist is meant to help COS students ensure they are prepared to take an exam using Proctorio in their COS Canvas course shell. Students, if you can answer yes to the following statements, you should be ready to take your exam:

  • I know when the quiz or exam will be available for me to complete.
  • I have completed any Proctorio-enabled practice quizzes my instructor has made available.
  • I have located a quiet, well-lit, private space that I can utilize during my quiz or exam.
  • I have downloaded and will use the Chrome web browser to take my quiz or exam.
  • I have the Proctorio Chrome extension installed in Google Chrome.
  • My computer has a working webcam & microphone.
  • I will have a strong internet connection in the location where I plan to take my quiz or exam (minimum speed of .092 Mbps while 0.663 Mbps is optimal).
  • My computer has the minimum recommend 4GB of RAM.
  • I will have my government issued photo ID with me when I begin my quiz (you may be required to show it during the assessment.)
  • I know how to access Proctorio support if I need it during the quiz or exam.

Help and Support

Proctorio loves to make it easy to get instant help and support. To access live chat, click on the gray shield icon in the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser. The shield is only present on quiz pages after you install the extension.

Proctorio also has phone support available, please use: 1 (480) 428-4089 or 1 (866) 948-9248

If you are still having trouble getting Chrome or the extension installed, please send us an email: