College Council

College Council is the primary participatory governance group whose mission is to engage constituent groups in decision-making processes on matters of institutional significance. In carrying out this mission, the roles of College Council are divided into two general categories: (1) to advise the Superintendent/President by reviewing and providing input on college policy, administrative procedures, and significant budget allocations; (2) to serve as liaisons between College Council and the constituent groups for all information and suggestions on matters of institutional significance.


Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker, Superintendent/President
Theresa Richmond, Administration Representative
Dr. Todd Scott, Administration Representative
Maria Fernandez, Faculty Representative
Chris Vancil, Faculty Representative
Dawnie Slabaugh, ASM Representative
Chris Wehman, ASM Representative
Joshua Collins, CSEA Representative
Debbie Dutcher, CSEA Representative
Calvin Wagner, ASB Representative
Vacant, ASB Representative
Sheila Grimes, Recording Secretary

Agendas, Minutes, and related documents

Agendas and Minutes

2016-17 Annual Report

2015-16 Self-Evaluation