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Assessment / Placement

If you will be taking a math and/or English course as part of your educational goal, or a course that requires a prerequisite of math or English, appropriate course placement is an important first step to college.

Here is some exciting news! Under state law, community colleges must do their best to help you complete transfer level math and English within your first year, if the your educational goal requires those courses.

  • We use information from multiple sources, including your high school transcripts, and work with you to select math and English courses that will help you meet your goals. There is no need for placement tests at College of the Siskiyous.
  • Our transfer level math and English courses have embedded tutors and lab time built into the class, so you get help immediately when you need it as well as additional assistance throughout the course.
  • College of the Siskiyous has been recognized in publications for the success of our students in our Statistics courses. And we are confident that that high level of success will also be achieved in our recently restructured College Composition course.

Based on statewide research, it is known that most students can be placed into math and English courses based on their US high school transcript information. Research shows that high school performance is a better indicator than placement tests when it comes to predicting ability to succeed. We also recognize that not everyone does well in high school, and that some of our incoming students have been out of high school for several years, and this is why a conversation with an academic advisor or counselor is an important part of the placement process.

In order to be prepared when meeting with an academic advisor or counselor, College of the Siskiyous' Admissions Office must have a copy of your high school transcripts and transcripts from other colleges. Those can be sent to the college prior to the meeting (for phone or Zoom appointments, this is a must) or brought with you on appointment day.

You can be successful in transfer level math and English courses. Research proves it, and we are doing our part to ensure your success.

If you have any questions:

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