Curriculum Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to approve new and revised curriculum and academic policies to ensure compliance with Title 5 and California Education Code prior to submission to the District Governing Board for final approval.

Committee Members

Neil Carpentier-Alting, Curriculum Chair, Faculty

David Clarke, Faculty

Maria Fernandez, Faculty
Tim Frisbie, Faculty

Sunny Greene, Faculty

Charlie Roche, Faculty
Patrice Thatcher-Stephens, Faculty
Valerie Roberts, Articulation Officer
Eric Houck, Coding Reviewer
Sheila Grimes, Curriculum Secretary
Nancy Shepard, Distance Education
Dr. Gregory South, Vice President of Academic Affairs (Interim)

Dennis Roberts, Assistant Dean of Kinesiology/Director of Athletics
Dr. Robert Taylor, Dean of Career & Technical Education
Dennis Weathers, Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Interim)


Every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m.  Videoconferenced in DLC 8 and RHSI 119.

Agendas and Minutes

 Agendas (2012-2013)
 Agendas (2013-2014)
 Agendas (2014-2015)
 Minutes (2012-2013)
 Minutes (2013-2014
 Minutes (2014-2015)


Title 5 §53200(b) states that the Academic Senate is an organization whose primary function is to make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters. Section §53200(c) states that “academic and professional matter” means the following policy development and implementation matters:
    1. Curriculum including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines
    2. Degree and certificate requirements
    3. Grading policies
    4. Educational program development
    5. Standards and policies regarding student preparation and success
    6. District and college governance structures, as related to faculty roles
    7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports
    8. Policies for faculty professional development activities
    9. Processes for program review
    10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development
    11. Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the board and the academic senate.
Of these matters, 1 through 5 relate to curriculum. The Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate who, with advice from administration, reviews and recommends new/modified curriculum to the Academic Senate and District Board of Trustees.


CurricUNET Videos:

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Course Review

 Curriculum Review Cycle Recommendations
 Curriculum Review Cycle (2014-2020)
 Course Review Cycle

Technical Review

 Tech Review Checklist
 FAQ regarding Technical Review - (coming soon)

Distance Education

 CurricUNET DE Template Text
 Senate Policy for Distance Education
 FAQ regarding DE - (coming soon)

General Education

 E1 GE Template
 COS GE Procedures


 The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide
 Program and Course Approval Handbook, 5th Edition
 Good Practices for Course Approval Processes

Policies and Procedures

Board Policies, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs:

BP 4020    Program and Curriculum Development
BP 4025    Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education
BP 4235    Credit by Examination
BP 4260    Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs:

AP 4020    Program and Curriculum Development
AP 4022    Course Approval
AP 4025    Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree & General Education
AP 4105    Distance Education
AP 4227    Repeatable Courses
AP 4235    Credit by Examination

Contact Us

Neil Carpentier-Alting, (530) 938-5206,
Questions regarding curriculum and technical issues

Eric Houck, (530) 938-5565,
Regarding matters pertaining to coding and CurricUnet issues

Sheila Grimes (530) 938-5375,
Questions regarding access to CurricUNET

Nancy Shepard, (530) 938-5881,
Regarding matters pertaining to Distance Education

Valerie Roberts, (530) 938-5959,
Regarding matters pertaining to Articulation, including CI-D and AD-T