College of the Siskiyous

Currently Funded Grants Administered by COS

AB104 Adult Education Grant

Project Manager: Heather Stafford

Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Grant

Project Director: Dr. Zachary Zweigle

California Career Pathways Trust Grant

Project Director: Christina Van Alfen

California Early Childhood Mentor Program

Program Coordinator: Patrice Thatcher

Dorothy D. Rupe Foundation Caregiver Grant

Project Manager: Cora Brownell

Guided Pathways Program

Project Directors: Drs. Sunny Greene and Zachary Zweigle

Nursing Enrollment Growth and Retention Grant

Project Director: Cora Brownell

Northern CA Community College Apprenticeship Initiative Funds

Project Manager: Mark Klever

Prop 39 Mini-Grant - Building and Energy Systems

Project Manager: Kim Freeze

Prop 39 Mini-Grant - Mobile Skills Manufacturing Lab

Project Manager: Mark Klever

Strong Workforce Connection

Project Director: Mark Klever

U. S. Department of Education - Student Support Services

COS Student Support Services
Program Director: Stephanie Wroten

U. S. Department of Education - Upward Bound Program

COS Upward Bound Program
Program Director: Stephanie Wroten

USDA Distance Learning Grant

Program Director: Wayne Keller

Veteran's Resource Center

Project Director: Valerie Roberts

Contact Grants

Located in Building 95
800 College Avenue
Weed, CA 96094

Karen Tedsen, Grants Development Analyst
Phone: (530) 938-5827