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800 College Ave, Weed, CA 96094
Phone or Text: (530) 938-5237

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I choose Student Lodging over off-campus housing?

In addition to the convenience of living on campus, and regular opportunities to participate in activities, students who live on campus will meet new friends and have personal freedoms protected by lodge staff. Students living on campus also tend to have better grades, complete their educational goals sooner.

Where do I eat?

Meals on campus are prepared by COS Food Service. The cost of food is included in the contract price you simply need to choose your meal point option.

When are the lodges open (dates of occupancy)?

Lodges are open during the Fall and Spring Semesters and on a limited basis during Summer and Winter terms

Academic Lodging and Dining Schedule

What's included in the cost?

Simply put all of your basic needs are covered so you'll be able to focus on being a student. We provide a furnished room, wireless internet service, cable TV, Computer lab (with free printing) events and activities, custodial services, dining services, access to laundry on site and round the clock staffing.

Can I stay over school break periods?

The Lodge Contract/Licenses does not include housing or meal service during breaks in the school year. Lodges are closed during break periods and key cards are deactivated. Students are expected to vacate the Lodges during the break. Personal belongings may remain in a student's assigned room, any valuables should be secured or removed during breaks in the school term.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

See our current rates for room and board.

How much does it cost of live off campus?

Living off campus is an option for College of the Siskiyous Students. While rental rates will vary it is important to remember some of the additional costs that will be shared by roommate here is a sample of what a student might typically pay.

The time required to commute, prepare food and clean is not included in this chart. What is your time worth as a student?

Montly Expenses
Monthly Expense 1 person 2 people (each)
Two bedroom apartment $750 $375
Water, Sewer, Garbage included included
Electricity $100 $50
Cable TV $40 $20
Internet Service $40 $20
Commuting (25 miles per day) $120 $60
house hold supplies $30 $15
Food (self prepared) $510 $255
Totals $1370 $685

What size are the beds?

Lodge mattresses are twin extra-long = 35 inches wide by 80 inches long.

What is my mailing address?

Lodge student mail and packages are delivered to a central receiving area on campus. College staff then distributes the mail to each department including the Lodges. Large and signature required packages are held in the Lodge mail room. A "package slip" is placed in the student's mailbox to inform them they have mail. When sending mail please address the package as follows:

Student Name
COS Lodges
800 College Ave
Weed, CA 96094

Do you have any pictures of a bedroom?

Triple Room Desk and Closet
Double Bedroom Beds

Double Bedroom Closets

Contact Student Lodges

800 College Ave, Weed, CA 96094
Phone or Text: (530) 938-5237