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New Sytnthetic Soccer Field

New Synthetic Soccer Field


In May 2017 the COS Board of Trustees approved $4,000,000 loan for capital improvements at College of the Siskiyous. These improvements included $1,500,000 for the renovation of the football field creating an artificial turf football/soccer field which were part of the Facilities Master Plan. This approval took into consideration that in 2016 men's and women's soccer was brought to College of the Siskiyous (COS). The teams have been using the baseball outfield for practice and contests. The long term solution is to create a soccer field with proper league dimensions, spectator seating and a regulation scoreboard.

In the fall of 2017 COS interviewed several Sports field design firms. Lloyd Civil and Sports Engineering were chosen. To assist in the design process a group of primary stakeholders including Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker, Darlene Melby, Dr. Todd Scott, Dennis Roberts, Charlie Roche, Edward Kephart, Board Member Greg Hanna and Eric Rulofson was assembled.

Early in the design process a potential Soccer League rule change, on minimum field size, was announced. The League's proposed field size exceeded the footprint of the COS football field. The original design plan was revised to place artificial turf on the football field and to construct a league size natural turf soccer field on the current football practice field. In late April 2018 Lloyd's Engineers presented the stakeholder group with a Soccer Design Concept presentation, Project Schedule and Construction Cost Estimate. The project schedule and cost estimate exceeded the current budget and the anticipated completion date. The stakeholder group met to discuss the challenges and proposed a new plan to better align with the budget and expected completion date, still meeting the needs of both the football and soccer programs. The new plan is to construct an artificial turf soccer field on the football practice field and renovate the existing natural turf football field. This plan and Lloyd Engineering's Soccer Design Concept presentation were given to the Board at their May 2018 meeting. The board supported the new plan and scope of work.

Open forum meetings with the Engineer, college and community were schedule in early September 2018 to gather input and answer questions regarding the soccer field design concept. Information gathered at these forums was shared with the engineers and stakeholder group. Shortly after these forums the soccer field design began in earnest. The construction of the new artificial turf soccer field is scheduled to begin April 2019 and be playable by August 2019.

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