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Know Your Rights

Job Steward Training

A Job Steward is a "vital representational link between bargaining unit employees, their union, and site-level management. The Job Steward's primary role is to enforce the CSEA contract at informal and formal levels of the grievance procedure." A Job Steward must complete the "Know Your Rights" workshop, 12 hours of "Job Steward Basic" training I and II, and an "Advanced Job Steward Retreat." If you are interested in attending a "Know Your Rights" workshop, please mention it at the next chapter meeting or visit the CSEA website to find the nearest workshop. If there is enough interest, we will be able to have a workshop on campus. The current COS job steward is: Vacant. The COS CSEA chapter would like to add one or more Job Steward positions this year.

You Should Know

If you have to talk to the police or your supervisor (only about items that could lead to disciplinary action) that you should insist on having the Job Steward present. If a Job Steward is not available, request that your CSEA President or other officer be present or contact your Labor Representative (Joan Nevarez, CSEA Labor Representative) for assistance. Under Weingarter Rights, you have the right to ask and know what the meeting you are being asked to attend is about. The exception to Weingarter Rights is that if you are simply being issued a warning or other action, without any questioning, you must attend the meeting without representation. It was also stated that in any performance evaluation that you disagree with that you should sign it but follow up with a rebuttal. However, in our case, COS already has a built-in procedure to disagree with or answer specific performance evaluation items.

New laws concerning limited-term employees and contracting out current positions have been passed. Limited-term positions must now have a fixed ending date and a list of expected duties. A worker automatically becomes classified if they work over 75% of the school year or 195 working days. If a district plans to contract out work to outsiders, they must follow specific new rules. For further information about these new laws please visit the CSEA home page. CSEA members have free death benefits, but the amount can be increased by signing up at AFL-CIO. Please see our benefits page for further information. The AFL-CIO form must be filled out each year.

If you feel that your Board needs new members, the CSEA office provides $1000 worth of campaign money as well as an organizer to help you plan the campaign for a new member. If you are hurt on the job, be sure to tell your supervisor right away. Then fill out an accident report, preferably within 24 hours, but you do have up to 30 days to fill it out. Then make an appointment with a school-approved doctor. Alternatively, you can fill out a form that states that you want your own doctor to treat you in case of on-the-job accidents. This form (or statement) must be filed to guarantee that you have the right to have your own doctor treat you.

Many workers arrive at work early, stay late, don't take breaks, and/or take work home. While these actions are commendable on a certain level, they result in increasing the expectation of performance for a particular job on the part of the employer. Therefore, please do not "work for free."

Remember that "Knowledge is Power," and the district is not responsible for telling you your rights.

Contact CSEA

CSEA Chapter #581
Chapter Contact: Donna Farris
College of the Siskiyous
800 College Avenue
Weed, California 96094

Region: 100
Regional Representative: Linda Smyth

Area: A
Area Director: Wayne Harris

Field Office: Sacramento
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Labor Relations Representative: Eric Yerkes
Field Director: Stanley Bransgrove