Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling is offered to help enrolled students cope with the stressors that may be affecting their academic, career, or professional goals.  These stressors can result in anxiety, depression, drug/alcohol use, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, anger, lack of motivation, grief, parenting issues, domestic violence, sexual assault, life transitions, or any other problems that may influence a student’s well-being.

Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling works with couples, individuals, and families to resolve differences and to increase communication skills between members.  Family and personal relationships are important factors in psychological health.

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Based on the needs of the student, counseling includes individual and/or group counseling, drug diversion, and assistance in residential and non-residential treatment placement.


Students are encouraged to seek and receive help dealing with any of their concerns. Personal counseling provides a safe opportunity to talk with a professional about problems or worries, no matter how minor or difficult, which might be interfering with personal growth or academic achievement. All sessions are confidential.

To make an appointment for personal counseling, call (530) 938-5353, or e-mail

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