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Administrative Services

The Vice President of Administrative Services (VPAS) provides direction and leadership for a wide range of administrative and business services that support the vision, mission and values of the District. The VPAS works with the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent / President, managers, faculty, staff, and students to build effective ways to support success. The VPAS is responsible for development, monitoring and administration of the District’s budget, facilities planning and management (including maintenance and operations), fiscal services, public safety, risk management, information systems and technology, bookstore, and student life.

NOTICE: Leasing of District Property

When district real property is not needed, the Siskiyou Joint Community College Board of Trustees has the authority to rent or lease any surplus real property. However, the agreement shall be subject to renegotiation and may be rescinded after 60 days' notice to the lessee if the governing board determines at any time during the term of the agreement that the buildings, grounds, or space therein subject to the agreement are needed for academic activities. The Board of Trustees intends to lease the following District facilities with the following terms for fiscal year 2024-25.

Yreka Campus, Building 81, Room 4 - $800 per month

Yreka Campus, Building 81, Room 1 - $800 per month

Weed Campus, Learning Resource Center, Room 103 - $291 per month

In accordance with Title 5 Subchapter 10 and Article 1 and sections 59601, 59602, 59603, 59605, and 59606 of Title 5, Division 6, Chapter 10, and associated Board Policy 6700 Civic Center and Other Facility Use and Administrative Procedures 6700 Civic Center and Other Facility Use, the College shall recover direct costs for the use of College Facilities and Grounds. The District shall maintain a fee schedule adopted by the Board that includes these proportionate Direct costs for the use of College facilities and grounds. Except groups identified in Education Code Section 82542(a) utilizing space for Civic Center purposes, other groups shall be charged an amount not to exceed the direct costs of District facilities. Direct costs include both "Capital" direct costs (estimated costs for maintenance, repair, restoration, and refurbishment for use of the college facilities or grounds) and "Operational" direct costs (estimated costs of supplies, utilities, custodial services, services of any other District employees, and salaries paid to District employees necessitated by the organization's use of District facilities). Except for classroom-based programs (as defined by §59601), Direct costs shall include both the Capital and Operational direct costs. Classroom-based programs shall only be charged the Operational direct costs. This fee schedule can include a discounted rate, if the Board of Trustees elects to discount direct cost fees based on the type or category of applicant, including, but not limited to, those with tax-exempt status. The SJCCD Board adopted the following discounted rates for the Facility Use Fee Schedule:

  • 50% discount: Program Partners (nonprofit organizations or other public agencies that use the school facilities and whose primary purpose is to provide programs and/or services that are designed and operated to advance the academic success of the District’s students).
  • 25% discount: Community Users (nonprofit organizations or other public agencies that use the school facilities and whose primary purpose is to provide programs and/or services that serve the local neighborhood or community, but are not explicitly designed and operated to advance the academic success of the District students).
  • No discount: Private Users (organizations, for profit or nonprofit, that are using the facility to raise revenue).

Budget Narraratives and Summaries

2023-24 Final Budget Narrative
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District Contracted Audits

2022-23 Final Audit
2021-22 Final Audit
2020-21 Final Audit
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2017-18 Final Audit
2016-17 Final Audit
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Actuarial Study of Retiree Health Liabilities

2021-22 Final Report
2019-20 Final Report (Comprehensive)
2018-19 Final Report (Roll-Forward)
2016-17 Final Report
2015-16 Final Report
2013-14 Final Report
2011-12 Final Report
2008-09 Final Report

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Christina Van Alfen, Interim Vice President - Administrative Services
Amy Snodgrass, Executive Assistant I
Phone: (530) 938-5220