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Program Review

Program Review is a process that provides the opportunity for employees at COS to assess and improve student learning and support programs and services.  Additionally, it allows the college to determine the impact of its efforts at all levels of the institution on the College's Mission, Vision, and Institutional Goals. Participating in Program Review promotes dialog around assessment and continuous improvement. It supports the College's efforts to evaluate educational quality and effectiveness of programs and services, and it provides necessary information that informs planning, budgeting, and institutional decision-making. Through broad participation and dialog within and between the levels of institutional decision-making, Program Review encourages faculty, staff, and administrators to adjust to changing needs, emerging technologies, best practices, and other advances.

Academic Program Review Manual (PDF) - Effective Fall 2018

Comprehensive Program Review Template (PDF)

Annual Update Program Review 2023 (PDF) - Instructional / Non-Instructional

Non-Instructional Program Review Schedule (PDF)

CQIP – Continuous Quality Improvement Proposal (PDF)

Past Program Review Reports

Program Review Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Definitions of terms
    1. What is an instructional program?
    2. What is a department?
    3. What is a discipline?
    4. What is a degree?
    5. What is a certificate?
    6. What is a service program?
  2. What is Program Review?
  3. Who is required to complete Program Review?
  4. Why do instructors have to do Program Review?
  5. What happens to Program Review results after I am done?
  6. Who can help me with assessment or Program Review?
  7. How often and when do instructors complete Program Review?
  8. What is the difference between an Annual Program Review Update and a Comprehensive Program Review?
  9. What is the purpose of the Annual Program Review Updates?
  10. What is the purpose of Comprehensive Program Review?
  11. What is the annual timeline for Program Review?

SLO and Assesment Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is assessment?
  2. What is a student learning outcome (SLO)?
  3. Where do Student Learning Outcomes come from?
  4. Why do instructors have to do assessment?
  5. Who is required to do assessment? (Or who is required to assess student learning?)
  6. How often and when do instructors assess student learning?
  7. How do instructors assess student learning?
  8. How do I report my assessment information?
  9. What happens to assessment results after I am done?
  10. What is the timeline for assessment planning and reporting?