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Organizational Charts


Academic Affairs, Student Success & Library

Academic Affairs; Faculty - Liberal Arts / Sciences

  • Valerie Roberts; Dean, Liberal Arts
    • Dr. Ron Slabbinck; Instructor, Music
    • Neil Carpentier-Alting; Instructor, Performing Arts
    • VACANT; Instructor, Art
    • VACANT; Instructor, Music
    • VACANT; Instructor, Physics / Math
    • Shirley Louie; Instructor, Math
    • Wenli Chang; Instructor, Math
    • Jayne Turk; Instructor, Communications
    • Elizabeth Carlyle; Instructor, Modern Languages
    • Sarah Kirby; Instructor, English
    • Mike Tischler; Instructor, Modern Languages
    • Chris Vancil; Instructor, History / Humanities
    • Jenny Heath; Instructor, Chemistry
    • Alison Varty; Instructor, Biology
    • Ann Womack; Instructor, Biology
    • Shannamar Dewey; Instructor, Biology
    • Dr. Andrea Craddock; Instructor, Psychology
    • Amanda Thomas; Instructional Support Specialist, Fine Arts
    • VACANT; Instructional Support Specialist, Theater
    • Amy La Machia; Instructional Support Specialist, Performing Arts
    • Ido Isler; Instructional Support Specialist, Science

Academic Affairs; Career & Technical Education

  • Vacant; Dean, Career & Technical Education
    • Monique Gonsalez; Administrative Assistant III, Career & Technical Education
    • Anne Marie Accord; Administrative Assistant I, Career & Technical Education
    • Chris Delcour; Instructor, Fire Academy
    • Jesse Roberts; Instructor, Fire Technology
    • Louis Mero; Police Academy Coordinator
    • Jesse Cecil; Instructor, Business & Technology
    • Sherice Bellamy; Instructor, Business & Technology
    • VACANT; Instructor, Business & Technology
    • Thad Wallace; Instructor, Welding
    • Kirk Thomsen; Instructor / Coordinator, EMS
    • Leigh Moore; Instructor, Administration of Justice
    • VACANT; Program Grant Manager, Career & Technical Education
    • Patrice Thatcher; ECE Coordinator
    • Madolyn Jackson; Career & Technical Education Program Coordinator

Academic Affairs; Nursing

  • Dr. Hallie Coppi; Dean, Health Sciences, Director, Nursing
    • Stephanie Richardson; Nursing Coordinator
    • VACANT; Program Assistant, Nursing
    • Bliss Friedman; Instructor, Vocational Nursing
    • Dawn Jacobson; Instructor, Associates Degree Nursing, Vocational Nursing
    • VACANT; Instructor, Licensed Vocational Nurse to Registered Nurse Step up Program
    • VACANT; Instructor, Licensed Vocational Nurse to Registered Nurse Step up Program
    • VACANT; Instructional Support Specialist, Health Sciences

Student Services

  • Patrick Walton; Vice President, Student Services
    • Janice Porterfield; Executive Assistant I, Student Services
      • Isabelle Hale; Assistant Director, Student Housing
      • Ty Speck; Student Services Specialist, Residence Halls
      • Maggie Crowder; Student Equity Technician, Basecamp
    • Christina Wiglesworth; Interim Director, Outreach & Retention
    • Josh Collins; Academic Advisor
    • Samantha Dean; Academic Advisor
    • Michelle Knudsen; Counselor / Articulation Officer
    • Elizabeth Jungermann, Counselor / Transfer Center
    • Emaly Brann; Counselor
    • Gabbi Aston; Program Specialist, CARE & CalWORKs
    • Marlena Shaffer; Program Specialist, EOPS
    • Julia Franco; Administrative Assistant II, EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs
    • VACANT; Director / Counselor; Student Access Services
    • Karen Chandler; Alternative Media Disabilities Specialist, Student Access Services
    • Sara Sharif; Administrative Assistant II, Student Access Services
    • VACANT; Office Assistant II, Student Access Services
    • VACANT; Program Assistant, Student Access Services
      • Haley LeBoeuf; Processing Technician, Financial Aid
      • Virginia Taylor; Student Services Specialist, Financial Aid
      • VACANT; Student Services Specialist, Financial Aid
      • Mary Mericle; Student Services Specialist, Admissions & Records
      • Amyanne Groppi; Transcript Evaluator, Admissions & Records
      • Michael Kellogg; Student Services Specialist, Admissions & Records
      • Cami Giacomelli-DeClusin; Office Assistant II, Admissions & Records
      • Julissa Gonzalez; Administrative Assistant II, TRiO
      • Mollie Sellman; Program Specialist, TRiO/SSS
      • Jeffrey Williams; Program Specialist, Upward Bound
      • VACANT; Program Specialist, Upward Bound

Administrative Services

Food Services

  • Robert Giordanengo; Supervisor / Cook, Food Services
    • Molly Budesa; Cook, Food Services
    • Thomas Longworth; Cook, Food Services
    • Sitina Baker; Food Services Assistant
    • Teresa Moon-Moreno; Food Services Assistant
    • Steven Abbott; Food Services Assistant
    • Robin McSwain; Food Services Assistant

Technology Services

  • Matt Donaldson; Director, Information Technology
    • Jason Aronson; Technician III, Information Technology
    • Vacant; Technician II, Information Systems
    • Christopher WIlliamson; Technician I, Information Technology
    • Joseph Weatherton; Systems Administrator
    • VACANT; Network Administrator
    • Benjamin Harris; Systems Analyst / Programmer - remote
    • Bethany Golly; Business Analyst I
    • VACANT; Business Analyst II

Facilities, Maintenance, & Operations

  • Veronica Rivera; Director, Facilities Maintenance & Operations
    • Tambie Pearson; Administrative Assistant II, Facilities Maintenance & Operations
      • David Harris; Custodian
      • Lupe Dominguez; Custodian
      • David Raven; Custodian
      • Gonzalo Medellin; Custodian
      • Laura Giordanengo; Custodian
      • Joe Giordanengo; Custodian
    • Gino Peruzzi; Skilled Maintenance Technician
    • Josh Simas; Skilled Maintenance Technician
    • Randy Shaffer; Skilled Maintenance Technician
    • Adrian Ramirez; Groundskeeper / Maintenance Specialist


  • Charlie Roche; Dean, Athletics
    • Tim Frisbie; Instructor Kinesiology
    • Tyler Knudsen; Head Coach Football
    • Ed Kephart; Head Coach, Soccer
    • Kyle Heath; Head Coach, Men's Basketball
    • Noelle Collier; Head Coach, Women's Basketball
    • Lyndi Cadola; Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
    • Kevin Bradford II; Administrative Assistant III, Athletics
    • Zac Myers; Athletic Trainer
    • Kristine Johnson; Assistant Athletic Trainer
    • Todd Zeigler; Athletic Equipment & Field Specialist

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