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Local History Room showing books on shelves lining walls The Mount Shasta Collection is the largest repository of information and documents about Mount Shasta. The collection consists of thousands of books, articles, manuscripts, photographs, maps, prints, and audiovisual materials about the Mount Shasta volcano and surrounding area. These materials are available at the College of the Siskiyous Library. As part of an ongoing project, documents from the collection will be made available here.

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Mount Shasta Collection Pamphlet File Topics (PDF)

• Mount Shasta Fact Sheet. The Mount Shasta Fact Sheet is a 4-page compilation of brief facts and information about Mount Shasta, California and the surrounding region. The purpose of the Fact Sheet is to answer the questions about the mountain most commonly asked by tourists. The Fact Sheet is also meant to be a useful resource for those who provide tourist information.

• Literature of Mount Shasta

• Mountaineering

• Names of Mount Shasta

• National Park Proposals

• Science of Mount Shasta

• Spirituality of Mount Shasta

Links to Mount Shasta Resources

• Mount Shasta: An Annotated Bibliography by William C. Miesse

The Mount Shasta Companion is temporarily unavailable online. Please contact the Library at (530) 938-5331 or by email with questions about the Companion or the Mt. Shasta Collection.

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