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CalFresh - Am I Eligible?

CalFresh Better Food for Better Living

Eligibility Basics

Most college students are eligible! If you meet the program guidelines, you may qualify for CalFresh if you answer "yes" to questions 2 and 3 below:

Determining Household Size

In CalFresh, a household is a group of people who regularly buy and eat food together. The people in a household do not have to be related to each other.

  • Households can be as small as one person
  • The same address can have more than one household
  • You don't need to have a home to receive CalFresh

Income Requirement

Is your household's gross monthly income (before taxes and deductions) within the limits in the chart below?

Note: Student Financial Aid is not counted as income for CalFresh. Individuals receiving SSI/SSP in California are not eligible for CalFresh, but other members of the household may be.

Income Guidelines
Number of People in Household Gross Monthly Income Max CalFresh Allotment*
1 $2,430 $250
2 $3,288 $459
3 $4,144 $658
4 $5,000 $835
5 $5,858 $992

Household = a person living alone or a group of people living together who purchase and prepare food together. *Minimum amount is $16/month.


Does anyone in your household have a social security card or is anyone in your household a lawful permanent resident?

College Student Eligibility

If you are a student between the ages of 18 and 49, enrolled in at least 6 units, have no meal plan (or have a meal plan that provides ten or less of your meals/week), you must also meet any one of the following:

  • Working and getting paid for an average of 20 hours per week or a total of 80 hours a month.
  • Approved (or awarded or accepted) for federal or state work study, anticipates working, and has not refused a work assignment (can still be eligible even if a work study job has not begun or is not currently available).
  • Receiving TANF funded Cal Grant A or B and in the last 12 months.
  • Be enrolled in a Local Program that Increases Employability (LPIE) - also known as Career & Technical Education courses.
  • Be exerting parental control over a dependent household member under the age of 6 or between the age of 6 and 12 with no adequate childcare (as determined by the county on a case-by-case basis).
  • Be a single parent of a dependent household member under the age of 12 and enrolled full-time (12+ units).
  • Participating in the CalFresh Employment and Training Program (CFET) or be a recipient of CalWorks or AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children).

Other Things to Consider

  • Unpaid internships or volunteer work do not count towards the work requirement.
  • Students who live with their parents must be 22 years of age or older to apply as an individual household.
  • International, DACA, and DREAM students may not be eligible, even with a work VISA/SSN.
  • Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) may be eligible.
  • Students with a state certified disability only need to meet basic eligibility.

Still unsure about your eligibility?

Take a prescreen and let us help you with eligibility! After the prescreen questionnaire is successfully completed, a staff member will reach out with your eligibility status.


For Basic Needs Inquiries:

For CalFresh Inquiries:

Phone: (530) 938-5376

This website was funded by USDA, SNAP, known in California as CalFresh, an equal opportunity provider and employer, and the California Department of Social Services.