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Contract Education

Empowering Workforce Excellence

Our mission is to enhance businesses' effectiveness, competitiveness, and profitability through comprehensive education and training programs.

What Sets Us Apart: Our contract education program offers responsive and tailored workplace education and training solutions for businesses, municipalities, and government agencies. By actively engaging with local companies and forging strategic partnerships, we remain attuned to the ever-changing labor market needs.

Agile and Entrepreneurial: We pride ourselves on our agility and entrepreneurial mindset, enabling us to respond to local demands swiftly. Our programs adapt to evolving business needs and labor market demands, significantly contributing to retention and expansion efforts.

Competitive Edge: Empower future and current employees with the skills to enhance productivity, elevate product and process quality, and foster effective problem-solving.

Flexible Learning Options: Recognizing the importance of flexible learning options at the College of the Siskiyous. Our day, evening, and weekend employee education and training courses cater to diverse schedules. Our programs are customized and conducted on campus or at your facilities.

Partner with the College of the Siskiyous to develop highly skilled and high-performing work groups and achieve workforce excellence for sustainable success.

Contact Continuing Education

Veronica Coots
Director of Noncredit, Community, and Contract Education
Phone: (530) 841-5834