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CHEM 1000 - Introduction to Chemistry

Advisory: MATH 0980

Chemistry 1000 is designed for general education students, students transferring into allied health and some biology programs, and as a preparation course for General Chemistry. This course will give students an understanding of introductory chemical topics including the properties of matter, atomic structure, bonding, nomenclature, chemical reactions, energy, equilibrium, acids and bases, solutions and nuclear chemistry. (AA, CSU, UC)

CHEM 1050 - Chemistry in Society

This course will survey the wide range of different areas in society that fall within the field of chemistry. Students will fundamentally explore different topics of chemistry through real world applications, chemistry in the home, environment, medicine, art, as well as the fundamentals of the subject. The course is designed for non-science majors. (AA, CSU, UC)

CHEM 1100 - Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry

Prerequisite: CHEM 1000 or one year of high school Chemistry with a lab and a minimum grade of C.

Chemistry 1100 is designed for general education students, students transferring into allied health and a preparation course for organic chemistry. This course introduces organic and biological chemistry including naming, structure, and properties of the major classes of organic compounds; chemistry and metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, including enzymes. (AA, UC, CSU)

CHEM 2000 - General Chemistry

Prerequisite: Completion of one year of any high school chemistry course with lab or a minimum grade of "C" in CHEM 1000 and a minimum grade of "C" in MATH 0980 or Qualification by Assessment.

Chemistry 2000 involves a detailed study of the principles and calculations including atomic structure, bonding, intermolecular forces, stoichiometry, oxidation-reduction reactions, solution chemistry, gas laws, solid state and colloidal chemistry. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: CHEM 110)

CHEM 2100 - General Chemistry II

Prerequisite: CHEM 2000

CHEM 2100 is a continuation of first semester that studies chemical equilibrium, chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, coordination chemistry, and nuclear chemistry. It also includes a brief introduction to organic chemistry. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: CHEM 120S)

CHEM 2929 - Special Studies

This course provides the opportunity for students to do additional independent study on selected topics in chemistry. This course may be taken for credit a total of four times. (AA, CSU)


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