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COMS 1100 - Public Speaking

Advisory: ENGL 0900 or qualification through assessment

This course includes basic principles and practices of public speaking: developing proficiency and self-confidence in speaking. Focus will also include organization, development and communication of ideas, structure, style, and delivery. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: COMM 110)

COMS 1101 - Forensics: Preparation and Practice for Speaking Events

Advisory: COMS 1100

This course is designed to prepare students for speaking events, and provide structured practice, research, and evaluation. Students will gain experience in several types of speeches like impromptu, extemporaneous, persuasive, and situational. (AA, CSU)

COMS 1200 - Small Group Communication

This introductory course explores theories and principles of effective group communication in a variety of contexts while providing opportunities to apply newly-acquired knowledge to practical group situations. Specific attention is given to basic group concepts, interaction skills, methods for achieving skills, group goals, conflict management, decision making, leadership, and small group problem solving. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: COMM 140)

COMS 1300 - Interpersonal Communication

Advisory: ENGL 0900 or qualification through assessment

This course is an introduction to the process of human communication with a focus on intra and inter personal communication. Special emphasis is placed on an understanding of communication in relationships and everyday life including how to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Also, study of theory and research findings and their application to communication in personal and professional contexts as well as principles of verbal and nonverbal transactions. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: COMM 130)

COMS 1500 - Oral Interpretation

Advisory: ENGL 0900

Oral Interpretation helps students to develop a better understanding of the interrelationship between themselves and the creative arts and humanities of a variety of cultures. Students learn how to select, analyze, edit, and orally perform selections of literature. Students also learn how to evaluate and critique performances of others. Prose, poetry, children's literature, and dramatic literature across cultures are studied. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: COMM 170)

COMS 1600 - Fundamentals of Communication: Resolving Private, Public, and Group Conflicts

Advisory: ENGL 0900

This course is intended to help students understand the role of conflict in everyday life. Instruction is provided in identifying sources of conflict in private, public, and group environments. Students will practice resolving these conflicts and working toward the establishment of low-stress environments. The course emphasis is conflict management, mediation, and resolution skill development. (AA, CSU)

COMS 1700 - Introduction to Mass Media

Introduction to the basic concepts of mass communication, including the effects, uses, and functions associated with the goods and services of mass media. Survey of mass communication and the interrelationships of media with society including history, structure and trends in media literacy, and social issues, including gender and cultural diversity. (CSU, UC)

COMS 2929 - Special Studies

Advisory: COMS 1100 or COMS 1200 or COMS 1300

This course provides an opportunity for advanced students to do additional study on selected topics in Speech. A Special Studies class is for the highly motivated and self-directed student who is interested in working independently to produce a capstone project. (AA, CSU)


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