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HIST 1004 - Western Civilizations to 1600

Survey of the development of western culture and civilization to the Reformation. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: HIST 170)

HIST 1005 - Western Civilizations Since 1600

Advisory: ENGL 1001

This introductory course focuses on the origins and development of civilization in the western world from the 17th century to the present. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: HIST 180)

HIST 1006 - California History and Politics

A study of the history of California from its Spanish origins to modern day, including its politics, culture, social institutions, economic development and geography. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1007 - Native American History

A comprehensive history of the Native American including social, political and cultural issues. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1008 - History of Women in the United States

Advisory: ENGL 1001, HIST 1017, and HIST 1018

History 1008 examines women's diverse historical experiences in the United States from the pre-colonial era to the present. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1009 - World Civilizations to 1500

World Civilizations to 1500 will explore the history of world civilizations and the interactions of technology, culture, religion, warfare, environment and politics in world history from the Ancient World until 1500. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1010 - World Civilizations Since 1500

Survey of the development of world civilizations since 1500. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1017 - United States History to 1877

Advisory: ENGL 1001

A survey of American history from pre-contact North America to 1877. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: HIST 130)

HIST 1018 - United States History Since 1877

Advisory: ENGL 1001

Survey of American History from reconstruction to modern times. Development of the United States and its political, economic, social and cultural institutions. Examination of the growth of the U.S. and the institutions, individuals, and groups that contributed to it. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: HIST 140)

HIST 1022 - Environmental History of North America

An introductory course with an emphasis on the ways in which North American history interacted with, influenced and was influenced by the physical environment. Course topics may include, but are not limited to, the history of ecology; Native American ecology; agricultural history; human perceptions of nature; the environmental impact of industrialization; the preservation, conservation and environmental movements; the history of environmental policy; and environmental racism. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1023 - American Military History

This course covers American military history from pre-colonial to the present, including the major military events, wars, ideas and the rise of the military industrial complex. The emphasis of the course will be on placing these events within the larger historical context of American History. Topics include: Military theory, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Western Expansion, Mexican American War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam and the modern Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts. Students will analyze a variety of primary and secondary sources in their study. (AA, CSU)

HIST 1044 - African-American History

Advisory: ENGL 0900 or qualification through assessment

History of African Americans in the United States from colonial times to the present. Emphasis upon the social, economic and political events that reflect the histories of African Americans. Additional investigations into the unique influences of African Americans and their contributions to the development of the United States as a Super Power in the 20th century. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1047 - Eastern Civilizations Since 1600

Advisory: ENGL 1001

A survey of East Asian civilizations from 1600 to the present. Students will explore the evolution of political, cultural, social and religious institutions in China, Japan and Korea through primary and secondary sources. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 1049 - History of the Middle East

This introductory course focuses on the historical evolution of the Middle East since A.D. 622 to the present, emphasizing its religion, art, philosophy, culture, and its political, economic and social environments. Major topics will include early societies, the Rise of Islam, the Ottoman Empire, Imperialism, Colonialism and Nationalism, Revolutions, Western influences in the Middle East, Israeli-Arab conflicts, OPEC and the rise of fundamentalism. (AA, CSU, UC)

HIST 2929 - Special Studies

This independent study course provides an opportunity for students to do guided reading on selected topics in history and produce a research project. May be taken for credit a total of four times. (AA, CSU)


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