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SOC 1001 - Introduction to Sociology

Advisory: ENGL 0900

An introduction to the study of Sociology including its basic concepts, theories, and methods. Topics include analysis and explanations of different social systems, cultures, socialization, deviance, groups, social stratification, race, gender, minorities, and the family. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: SOCI 110)

SOC 1002 - Social Problems

Advisory: ENGL 1001

Introduction and analysis of social problems as they relate to the family, religion, political systems, medicine and health, science, population and over-population, economics of social systems, social change and collective behavior. Utilizing the problem approach the course will blend social science perspectives as they relate to power, wealth, scarcity and social change. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: SOCI 115)

SOC 1031 - Women in Religion, Mythology, and Spirituality

This course is open to all students interested in exploring a comprehensive cross-cultural study of the nature of the sacred feminine and an examination of the position and roles of women within various religious and spiritual traditions. The functions of ritual and mythology and women's use of various symbol systems will also be explored. (AA, CSU, UC)

SOC 1032 - Earth Wisdom: Women, Nature, and the Environment

This course is open to all students interested in an in-depth examination of women's roles in the emerging fields of deep ecology, ecopsychology, and ecofeminism. Course includes study of ancient, historical and contemporary relationships between women, men and the earth, global strategies for a sustainable future and women as visionaries and agents of change. (AA, CSU)

SOC 1033 - Marriage and Family

This course is a study in the importance and function of the modern family-historical and present day American, and other family systems. Problems of the various family cycles, including courtship, marriage, adjustments, children, divorce, finances, and budgeting. Discussion of the other social systems which affect the family as a whole. (AA, CSU, UC)

SOC 1035 - Introduction to Women's Studies

An interdisciplinary study of women in American society including such topics as women's social conditions, values, communication, power and symbols. This course seeks to put the concerns and contributions of the contemporary women's movement into a perspective that has value and meaning for today's student of women's studies. (AA, CSU, UC)

SOC 1036 - Women and Creativity

This course is open to all students interested in exploring a comprehensive study of the creative process as it affects the lives of women, exploring women's unique sources of creativity, inspiration and imagery. Students will also discover a diversity of techniques to nourish the creative life and overcome the silences and obstacles to creation. (AA, CSU)

SOC 1037 - Women in Midlife: Transition and Passage

This course is open to all students interested in examining the rapidly expanding body of literature and ideas related to the sociology, psychology, and philosophy of women in midlife and menopause. The course will examine how midlife transitions and experiences affect self-image, decision-making, relationships, career, values and goals. Students will explore their own midlife transition patterns and critically assess their methods of coping with them. (AA, CSU)


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