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Student Representation Fee

Student Representation Fee Guidelines

A. Conditions of Funding

The student representation fee is authorized under Ed Code Section 76060.5 which states: "The money collected shall be expended to provide for the support of governmental affairs representatives who may be stating their positions and viewpoints before city, county, and district governments and before offices of the state government. The money shall be disbursed upon the order of the governing body of the student body association."

Only current College of the Siskiyous students may use the funds. To obtain the funds, students must complete an Application / Funding Request form to be presented to the ASB Board which:

  1. Clearly states objectives for the use of the funds
  2. Identify the costs associated with the activity

B. Utilization of the Student Representation Fee

The student representation fee may be used for shared governance, or direct lobbying and legislation. Examples of the types of uses are:


  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Seminars


  • Letter writing
  • Petitioning
  • Phone Banks
  • Fax campaigns
  • Email
  • Phones
  • Faxes
  • Postage

C. Process for Requesting Funds

  1. An application/funding request is completed.
  2. The project advisor (COS staff member) and student sign the form and return to an ASB senator.
  3. The ASB reviews the funding request and recommends approval/disapproval.
  4. The ASB advisor reviews the request, ASB recommendation, and provides input to the Vice President of Student Services.
  5. The Vice President of Student Services will make the final decision to approve or disapprove the request.
  6. If approved, the percentage of funding appropriate for the student representation funds is identified by the ASB and Advisor (see Section D. Funding).
  7. If funding is granted, all parties involved will be required to sign a contract in order to ensure the proper utilization of funds.
  8. Accounting standards require all expenditures to be documented and receipts turned in with the report.
  9. Any individual who receives funding from the student representation fee is required, within two weeks of utilizing the funds, to submit a typed report to the ASB advisor, who will forward it to the ASB and the Vice President of Student Services. The report should cover the following:
    • Overview of the activity
    • What the student/group learned from it
    • How the student viewpoint was presented during the activity
  10. Any individual who violates any of the Student Representation Fee guidelines, or terms of the contract, will be held financially responsible for the funds that were utilized.

D. Funding

Funding for the Student Rep Fee proposals will be on a percentage basis system. The following percentages apply:

Percent of Request Applicable to the Student Rep Fee Guidelines
Percent (%) Funding Amount
75% or more Full Funding
50% to 74% 50%
25% to 49% 25%
1% to 24% ASB Discretion (<25%)

Application / Funding Request form

Contact Associated Student Board

The ASB office is currently located in Basecamp.
Phone: (530) 938-5283