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Guided Pathways Pillar Teams

College of the Siskiyous Guided Pathways
Information Pillar 1 Pillar 2 Pillar 3 Pillar 4
What is it? Create clear curricular paths Help students choose & enter their path Help students stay on their path Ensure learning is happening with intentional outcomes
What will it look like at COS? Faculty

Curriculum Committee

Academic Senate

Board of Trustees
Recruitment/Outreach, Enrollment, Onboarding, Career Exploration

Enrollment Management

Student Services & Instruction Councils
"Basecamp" (Integrated Services)

ASC, Early Alert, BIT, LRC, Boot Camps, Student Success Workshops, Siskiyou Promise, EOPS, SAS, SSS, ASB, Student Life, Lodges
Using Data to Inform Other Pathways
(SLOs, PLOs, ISLOs, Assessments, Program Reviews, Student Engagement Measures, Campus Climate, etc.)
Who is facilitating? Andrea Craddock Valerie Roberts
Meghan Witherell
Regina Weston
Carly Zeller
Nathan Rexford
Neil Carpentier-Alting
Meeting Days / Times / Location 3rd Tuesday
8:30 - 9:30 am
2nd Mondays
2:00 - 3:00 pm
2nd Mondays
3:00 - 4:00 pm
2nd Thursdays
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Pillar Team Members

Trustee: Kevin Dalton
Sitina Baker
Sherice Bellamy
Neil Carpentier-Alting
Karen Chandler
Wenli Chang
Samantha Dean
Melinda Garland
Jenny Heath
Nancy Miller
Christopher Nordin
Janice Porterfield
David Raven
Michael Reetz
Carie Shaffer
Dawnie Slabaugh
Ty Speck
Kirk Thomsen
Mike Tischler
Chris Vancil
Patrick Walton
Abner Weed

Trustee: Carol Cupp
Anne Marie Accord
Karen Bezzam
David Blink
Rita Browne
Josh Collins
Hallie Coppi
Debbie Dutcher
David Harris
Desiree Kaae
Sean Kenny
Ann Klein
Tyler Knudsen
Mary Mericle
Beverly Muelrath
Athena Oreck
Charlie Roche
Amanda Thomas
Austin Toney
Christina Van Alfen
Todd Ziegler
Adrian Russell
Teresa Moon-Moreno
Thad Wallace
Makenna Rivers
Amy Howell
Cerelia Barbato

Trustee: Debbie Derby
Emily Anderson Moser
Gabbi Aston
Jude Baldwin
Liz Carlyle
Maggie Crowder
Lupe Dominguez
Crystal Fahey
Maria Fernandez
Maria Ferrasci
David Fleet
Tim Frisbie
Ryan Galbraith
Debbie Goltz
Monique Gonsalez
Kelly Groppi
Doug Haugen
Angel Keen
Ed Kephart
Michelle Knudsen
Kristine Michelon
Zach Myers
Char Perlas
Gino Peruzzi
Haley Pope
Stephanie Richardson
Marlena Shaffer
Emkay Sikora
Patrice Thatcher
Michael Tonge
Chris Wehman
Stephanie Wroten

Trustee: Kathy Koon
Jason Aronson
Jesse Cecil
Suzie Clark
Nancy Coughlin
Andrea Craddock
Matt Donaldson
Joe Furgeson
Bethany Golly
Mark Klever
Anne-Marie Kuhlemann
Amy LaMachia
Shirley Louie
Andrew Matheson
Darlene Melby
Vernoica Rivera
Josh Simas
Jayne Turk
Alison Varty
Joseph Weatherton
Samantha Worthington