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Work Experience Education (WEE)

Information for Employers

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Work Experience Education (WEE) is a work-based learning program in which employees or volunteer workers earn college credit for what they learn on the job.

Any employee or volunteer, whether a trainee or a long-time, experienced worker, can earn up to 6 units in one semester, and can earn a total of 16 units of degree-applicable college units.

Units are awarded based on the completion of learning objectives that have specific and measurable outcomes. Learning objectives are created by the college instructor, employee/student, and employer working cooperatively. The learning objectives must be appropriate for the job, meet the needs of the employer, and meet the requirements of a college-level learning experience.

How it Works - for Employers

  1. Student/Employee completes orientation.
  2. Student/Employee and Instructor draft student learning objectives.
  3. Student/Employee schedules a meeting with the Supervisor to:
    1. Review, edit, and approve Learning Objectives
    2. Sign the Employer Letter detailing responsibilities of the Student/Employee, Employer, and College of the Siskiyous WEE program.
  4. During the semester Student/Employee tracks work hours in the JobSpeaker system.
  5. Students will complete a mid-term progress report with Supervisor feedback.
  6. Instructor/WEE Coordinator will connect with the Supervisor at the end of the semester for a Final Evaluation.
  7. Grades for WEE are based on:
    1. Completion of required work hours
    2. Completion and submission of all required paperwork by due dates
    3. Employer and Instructor ratings of Student/Employee performance

Employer Benefits

  • Employer experiences lower recruiting costs because trained WEE students are able to begin permanent positions
  • Employer is provided the opportunity to communicate business and industry requirements to the college
  • WEE students are often more motivated, enthusiastic employees because their work is evaluated and translated into college units
  • WEE students work to upskill and degree completion, bringing increased competency and skill to their position.

Contact Work Experience Education

Phone: (530) 938-5201