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Staff Development/Flex Committee

The College of the Siskiyous FLEX/Staff Development Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Academic Senate composed of six faculty members from various disciplines (appointed by the Academic Senate) and the Vice President of Academic Affairs in compliance with the Board of Governors through the Chancellor's Office as required by the California Code of Regulations as part of the Flexible Calendar program of the California Community Colleges. The committee is responsible for reviewing faculty Proposals and Analyses in regard to their FLEX obligation and their Professional Development Activities.

Current Faculty Members of this committee are: Patrice Thatcher (chair), Lyndi Cadola, Michael Tischler, and Jayne Turk.

The FLEX/Staff Development Handbook is available online.

FLEX/Staff Development Forms and Documents

To submit proposals and analyses to Flex Committee:

  1. Download form to your desktop.
  2. Open downloaded form in Acrobat and not your web browser.
  3. Complete form.
  4. Save the completed form.
  5. Attach to email and send to
  6. Keep a copy. Thank you!

Preapproved Individual Flex Activities

No Proposal Required. Analysis Required.


Canvas Instructor Trainings

Professional Activities - max 2 days

From the Flex Handbook

Flex Handbook

COS requires:

  • Three (3) Institutional Flex days as scheduled on the approved Academic Calendar
    • Faculty must attend the full day of any Institutional Flex day.
  • Two (2) remaining Individual Flex days may be completed on-campus by attending a workshops or activity planned by the Flex Committee, or off-campus activities, pending approval by the Flex Committee.
    • One Individual Flex day is defined as a minimum of 3.0 hours.
    • If these three hours are not completed on one day, the Flex Committee must approve the increments.

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