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BA 0920 - Practical Accounting

Provides an introduction to accounting, suitable for students interested in pursuing additional business and accounting courses as well as for students interested in establishing a practical understanding of accounting. BA 0920 includes the application of the double-entry system in the preparation and use of journals, ledgers, worksheets and financial statements. Banking and payroll issues are also explored. (AA)

BA 0985 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This course will introduce participants to entrepreneurship and its role in the market economy. Topics include: What is an Entrepreneur, Preparing for Business, Opportunity Recognition and Market Analysis, Marketing Plan and Sales, Analyzing Finances, Starting Your Business, Managing Your Business, and Growing Your Business. (AA)

BA 1001 - Financial Accounting

Prerequisite: BA 0920
Advisory: ENGL 0900 and MATH 0850

Financial Accounting explores how accounting information is used by a variety of decision makers, including investors and creditors. This core lower-division business course emphasizes the reporting and analysis of business transactions as communicated to the public through financial statements. Topics include: the accounting cycle; Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); revenue and expense recognition; asset, liability and equity valuation; cash flows; internal controls; and ethics. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: ACCT 110)

BA 1006 - Introduction to Business

Advisory: ENGL 0900

Students will be introduced to the world of business through discussions of marketing, management, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, business ethics, the law, risk management and insurance and the global marketplace. Various types of business entities will be examined and analyzed in the context of today's dynamic business environment. (AA, CSU, UC)

BA 1014 - Principles of Business Management

This course is an introduction and overview of business and management systems. It covers principles of strategic management, marketing systems, money and information management systems, human resources, leadership, motivation systems, organizational change and learning, and systems for business improvement. (AA, CSU)

BA 1015 - Human Relations in Business

Advisory: ENGL 0900

A study of the organizational and human aspects of business with emphasis on awareness of the interpersonal relationships that exist within the business structure. (AA, CSU)

BA 1018 - Legal Environment of Business

Advisory: ENGL 0900

The Legal Environment of Business is an introduction to the legal process and the impact of the law on societal, governmental and economic entities. Topics include sources of law and ethics, contracts, judicial and administrative processes, international legal issues, forms of business organizations and government regulation. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: BUS 120)

BA 1024 - Beginning Spreadsheets

Provides an introduction to electronic spreadsheets through extensive hands-on use of Microsoft Office Excel. Emphasis is placed on the design, construction and effective usage of electronic spreadsheets as well as using mathematical formulas and functions, charts, tables, graphs, formatting features, workbook management, and financial functions. Students cannot receive credit for both CSCI 1024 and BA 1024. (AA, CSU)

BA 1025 - Beginning Word Processing

This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of the latest word processing software for the application of projects in an office setting. Topics include: Formatting and customizing characters and paragraphs, inserting objects, maintaining documents, and creating tables and SmartArt. (AA, CSU)

BA 1034 - Personal Finance

Advisory: MATH 0830

This course covers an integrated approach to personal finance focusing on practical decision making, and the social, psychological, and physiological contexts in which those decisions are made. The student will learn how to effectively manage personal finances throughout their life cycle. (AA, CSU)

BA 1501 - Managerial Accounting

Prerequisite: BA 1001

Managerial Accounting examines how managers use accounting information in decision-making. This core lower-division business course explores the development and use of actual and standard cost data, variable and absorption costing, budgets, profitability analysis, capital expenditure analysis, internal reporting and cost controls. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: ACCT 120)

BA 1524 - Intermediate Spreadsheets

Using Microsoft Excel, this course provides the student with the intermediate spreadsheet skills needed to create scientific, statistical, trigonometry, financial, logical, text functions, and formulas along with instruction on linking worksheets, pivot tables, using data analysis, sharing workbooks, and creating macros. (AA, CSU)

BA 1525 - Intermediate Word Processing

This course is designed to move students to an advanced level in the latest word processing software for the application of projects in an office setting. Time will be devoted to skill building and advanced exercises. (AA, CSU)

BA 2929 - Special Studies

This course provides an opportunity for capable students to do additional study on selected topics in business. (AA, CSU)

BA 2949 - Work Experience

Occupational Work Experience is supervised employment extending classroom-based occupational learning at an on-the-job learning station relating to the student's educational or occupational goal. One work experience credit can be awarded for 60 hours of unpaid work or 75 hours of paid work. Students can earn a maximum of 16 semester units, .5-8units/semester. This course may be taken for credit a total of four times. (AA, CSU)


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