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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The geography of Siskiyou County is very unique and interesting. Perhaps the most outstanding feature is beautiful Mount Shasta, a snow-covered dormant volcano, which stands 14,162 feet high and dominates the entire landscape. There are also many other mountains surrounding the long valley where the small town of Weed is located. We have many beautiful lakes and streams that are close to the college. A number of small towns surround the mountain. The mountains around the valley are covered with pine and oak trees, and often have snow during the winter. Deer and other wildlife are common sights on country roads. Our area has been called a recreational wonderland.

No. International students are not qualified for such assistance. Federal and state financial aid is provided to qualified persons who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States, or eligible non-citizens from certain countries, such as Micronesia. International students are in the United States temporarily on an F-1 Student Visa, and cannot be considered permanent residents.

It is estimated that an international student enrolled in 12 units each semester for one academic year (our fall and spring semesters) will spend approximately $19,677 per year for their studies and living expenses. This includes an actual cost of $9,394 (may change annually) for tuition and fees (figured at 12 units per semester) and an estimated cost of $9,050 living on campus for two semesters. Books and supplies, personal and recreation items, required health insurance and local transportation make up the other estimated costs. Such costs can vary widely, however, based upon the lifestyle and living arrangements of the students. These costs do not include transportation expenses to and from the student's country of residence, or summer school, and holidays. Please see the Estimated Cost of Attendance, which is updated annually in April.

There are several banks within in a 10 mile radius of the college. Each of the banks has slightly different offerings, according to how much you wish to deposit, but it is important to bring your funds in U.S. dollars to avoid a long turn-around time while they process your funds. If you bring your funds in your currency, or from a foreign bank, it can be as long as two weeks before you have access to your money.

Since our Lodges open during the week prior to the beginning of the semester, we strongly encourage students who have been accepted for the Lodges to arrive early in that week prior to the beginning of the semester (please schedule your move-in date with Lodge staff prior to arriving). We encourage students who are seeking off-campus housing to arrive in Weed as soon as possible (no earlier than 30 days) prior to the beginning of the semester.

Yes, if you apply early. Our campus Lodges provide housing for 138 students. Generally, the Lodges are filled by mid-June for the fall semester for both men and women. Therefore, it is important that international students apply early for Lodge occupancy for the school year. The Lodges generally have room for new students during the spring semester, but still, apply early. The Lodges are not available in the summer for COS students, since the college has special summer programs which require use of the Lodges. They also close for the major vacations and holidays. This can be a good time to plan travel trips and enjoy the area.

Current room and board fees can be found on the Student Housing page for rates. The Lodges and dining room are right on campus, making this a good choice for busy students. Students must commit to an entire academic year in our Lodges. There are other lower and higher price points available that include single or triple occupancy and less or more meal points. It is recommended that international students consider that the average cost per meal is $12, not including additional snacks or high cost beverages.

Yes and no. The rental housing market in our area is somewhat limited, and we suggest that international students begin their search for off-campus housing a minimum of one month prior to the beginning of the semester. Students can view off campus housing resources through the Lodges web page.

Off-campus housing is considerably less expensive in Siskiyou County than it is in other areas of California. Although rental costs can vary widely, students often find single-person rental units in the range of $525 per month, and two-person rental units in the range of $900+ per month. These rental charges do not include food, and may not include furnishings. Utility charges, such as gas or electricity and telephone, may or may not be included in these costs. Heating costs can be very high in the winter.

This depends on where you live. Students residing in our campus residence halls and off-campus housing units close to the college are within walking distance and do not need transportation to attend. Students living further distances generally do need transportation to attend. Limited bus transportation around Siskiyou County is available with the local transit system STAGE (Siskiyou Transit and General Express). Many students car pool to campus or purchase automobiles, for which adequate USA-based automobile insurance must be obtained.

Once an international student has been admitted and issued a Form I-20, they are eligible to enroll for classes. Follow the steps on the International Students webpage in the section Steps to Enroll.

Although COS does not employ health professionals on campus daily, several physicians are available within one mile of the college. In addition, Mercy Medical Center in Mount Shasta City is located only eight miles from the campus. The hospital has a 24-hour emergency room for urgent medical situations. A physical education trainer is also available on campus to assist with campus injuries that may occur. Please see our Health Clinic webpage for information on our Health Clinic hours and services. All international students are required to possess a medical health insurance policy in case of accident or illness. Contact the Student Services Office for more detailed information. All students enrolled in credit classes are eligible to use TimelyCare and access Tele-Mental Health and Tele-Medicine at no cost to the student.

On the academic side, free tutoring and free assistance for writing, mathematics and other coursework are available to all international students. International Students should go to Basecamp to see what types of basic need services they are eligible to receive, including gas or grocery vouchers.

We experience all four seasons; therefore, you should bring a variety of clothing. During the autumn, the weather gradually gets cooler and rainier, with the daily temperature ranging from about 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit (4-21 degrees Celsius). In the winter, snow may cover the ground and rainstorms are frequent. Students will need waterproof footwear, heavy coats, warm clothes, hats and gloves. In the spring and summer, the temperatures gradually increase and can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) during the day, so you will need clothing for warm weather as well.

The styles of clothes which students wear are rather casual here. Both men and women typically wear jeans, casual shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts for daily wear. There may be some occasions where you will want to dress up; for example, when a local community group hosts a reception in honor of our international students, or when you attend events in our theater or go to an urban area. You may also want to bring clothes for skiing, hiking, exploring caves, and bicycle riding as well.

Food and general necessities are, of course, available in Weed and other small towns in our rural area. But many people travel to nearby cities for larger-item shopping and entertainment. Ashland, Oregon, is about an hours drive north, where the world-famous Shakespeare Festival is held. In Ashland or Medford, shopping malls, theaters, and other "big city" attractions are available.

To the south of us, it is about an hour drive to the city of Redding, California. There are larger shopping malls available there, too.

There are major air transportation services available in Redding, California and Medford, Oregon. Some students fly into San Francisco, CA and often take a flight, or bus, or train, to Redding, CA, then come to Weed by bus or car. Other students may fly to Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport, which is about 90 miles away. The college does not make travel arrangements for students.

Yes, for every 11 international students enrolled we can petition for 1 international fee reduction.

Yes, there is an application fee of $100 USD.

Contact International Admissions

International Admissions Officer
Phone: (530) 938-5374
Fax: (530) 938-5367
Address: International Admissions, 800 College Avenue, Weed CA 96094