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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We here in the Admissions and Records Office know that this process can be confusing. Below are some frequently asked questions for you to review before calling that may be able to help you. If you need clarification or if your question was not answered by these FAQs, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (530) 938-5500 or send us an email at so that we may assist you.

Official transcripts can be requested either through your mySiskiyous account or by submitting a Transcript Request form to Admissions and Records. This form is available online or at the Admissions and Records office. Unofficial transcripts are accessible in your mySiskiyous account.

Your grades are located on your unofficial transcript in your mySiskiyous account.

Not all instructors use Canvas as a means to communicate with their students. Only online classes require Canvas. If you've registered for a class that uses Canvas, it can take a few hours for it to appear. If it is still not there after a few hours, contact your instructor for the class.

For issues logging into your mySiskiyous account, contact our Student Help Desk at (530) 938-5523.

Students can pay their fees in their mySiskiyous account, under the Billing and Financial Aid tab, or by sending in a payment to the Fiscal Services Office cashier, either in person or at (530) 938-5310.

A student’s "S" number is not located in their mySiskiyous account. It is emailed to the student when they apply to the college or if they request it. An "S" number will only be sent to a student's COS email, an email address we have on file for the student, or through the mailing address on file. "S" numbers will not be given out over the phone. Students may also retrieve their "S" numbers in person at Admissions and Records with a photo ID.

If a student drops the class before the class begins, they will get a full refund. If it's after the start date but before the refund date, they will be refunded their tuition, but not the student health/rep/activity fees. The refund date for any class is after 10% of the class has elapsed, usually around 2 weeks after the start. See the refund page for more information:

To audit a class, students must exhaust the repeatability allowed, which means students must pass the class with a "C" or better for standard courses or have registered the maximum amount of times for repeatable courses. Students must also wait until a week after the start of a class and can only audit with approval from the instructor and the dean of the corresponding department. To audit a course, fill out the Application to Audit form at Admissions and Records or online.

Students may only repeat a class for a better grade if they received a D, F, FW or a W.

Some students who apply to COS are flagged as "unknown" residents, meaning they require additional information to verify their residency. Guidelines for verification can be found on our Unknown Residency Reclassification document which is located on our website or by contacting Admissions and Records.

Students (or guardians of students who are dependents) who wish to claim their tuition on their taxes must provide their SSN to obtain their 1098-T.

Students can be added to the waitlist for a course that has already been filled. If by the time the class has started they are still waitlisted, they can contact the instructor to ask for permission to add the class.

Students who are on a waitlist for a class need to check their COS email every day. If a spot opens up, they will be notified by email and have 24 hours to claim their spot in the class. If they fail to claim their spot, the student will be dropped from the waitlist and the open seat will go to the next student on the waitlist.

Any student who wishes to obtain a degree or certificate from COS must apply to the college via OpenCCC. A link to the OpenCCC application is located on our website, click on the apply online tab. If a student is only taking classes for personal enrichment or career advancement, they can simply fill out a registration form with Admissions and Records.

You should verify that you successfully completed your application. Any student who completes an application will get an 8-digit confirmation number (no letters). Please allow 24 hours for the application to be processed by COS. If a student still hasn't received their welcome email, contact Admissions and Records.

Once a student has received their welcome email from COS, they are admitted to the college and can register for classes. Their next step would be to complete orientation online and/or contact counseling and set up an appointment to plan their academic career.

Any student with a hold on their account cannot add or drop classes online. They must come into the Admissions and Records office and complete an add/drop form. Students with financial holds who wish to add classes must also get the approval of the Fiscal Services Office.

Once a class has started students must obtain instructor approval before they can add the class. Once a class for credit has passed the census date (when 20% of the class has elapsed), a student can still enroll as long as they have been in contact with the instructor prior to the census date and then get approval from both the instructor and the Dean of that department.

All online classes are listed on our website under Distance Learning.

COS doesn't print the course catalog or the schedule of classes. All of the classes offered are available on our website, searchable by term.

If a student drops a class, there are dates that denote whether a student will receive a refund, whether they will receive a W on their transcript, or whether they'll receive a letter grade on their transcript. These dates are final unless there's an extenuating circumstance that meets the petition requirements. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of illness, accident, or other circumstances beyond the student's control (fire, flood, natural disaster). If the student meets this criterion, they can submit an Extenuating Circumstance Petition, which would change a student's failing grade (D, F, or FW) to an EW on their transcript.

If a student feels they meet the extenuating circumstance requirements for a refund, they can apply for a refund with the Refund or Elimination of Charge Appeal form.

Students can submit paperwork to Admissions and Records by taking a picture of the form (making sure it is clear and legible) and emailing it to

Yes, forms must be completed in their entirety for them to be processed. The only exceptions are the questions regarding a student's contact information, ethnicity, residency, and previous education. If that information has not changed since the last time a student registered for classes, the student can simply check the box next to the question.

If a student is already enrolled in at least one class for the semester, they only need an add/drop form to register for more classes.

All student information is confidential. Any parent, guardian, relative, or supervisor who wishes to have access to student information must have the student complete a Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release, even if the student is a minor.

Instructors will sometimes post final grades in Canvas; however official grades are not posted to a student's transcript until after they’ve been processed by Admissions and Records. This may take a up to four weeks.

Any student who is a resident of Oregon and wishes to attend COS on the Oregon Exchange must apply through Southern Oregon University or the Oregon Institute of Technology.

Students who qualify can apply for either Southern Oregon University or Oregon Institute of Technology's Tuition Reciprocity Program and, if accepted, will pay in-state tuition rates. Students should contact the university to which they'd like to transfer for details about the program.

Class schedules are located in a student's mySiskiyous account under the Academic tab.

Office hours are located on our website, in the A-Z Site index, under F for faculty office hours.

The staff and faculty directory can be accessed by clicking the directories link on our website. Faculty emails are also available in the class schedule section.

Once official transcripts have been mailed, we have no way to track them. Admissions and Records can confirm when they were mailed, but a student must then confirm with the institution where they were sent to verify their arrival.