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Tuition and Fees

All enrollment fees are due at the time of registration. Please take one of the following steps:

  • Pay fees in full - Pay online using your mySiskiyous account or in person at the College of the Siskiyous Business office located in the John Mantle Student Center-Building 1. We accept cash, first party checks, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and money orders.
  • Set up a payment plan - Make payment arrangements to pay your fees by creating a contract with the Business office. Financial aid may be considered when creating a contract to pay if all required documents have been submitted to the Financial Aid office.

Students who do not pay fees or make arrangements to do so may be dropped from their classes for non-payment of current fees and/or existing unpaid balances.

Please Note:

  • Fees are subject to change without notice pending Board of Trustees and California State Legislature actions.
  • Community Education classes (classes starting with the letter X) will not be refunded after the first day of class.


Fee Types
Type of Fees Amount Required of
Enrollment Fees $46 per unit All students except those qualified for a fee waiver.
Oregon Students $184 per unit ($138 Oregon Good Neighbor + $46 Standard Enrollment Fee per unit) All students attending COS from Oregon participating in the Oregon Exchange Program. Students must apply to receive the discounted rates.
Out-of-State Students / International Students $326 per unit ($280 Non-resident + $46 Standard Enrollment Fee per unit)* All students who are not considered to be California residents or who are not on the Oregon Exchange Program. *Plus the $46 per unit Enrollment Fee.
Health Fee Less than 12 units $17
12+ units $20
All students except those who use prayer for healing (must be documented).
Waive Mandatory Fee
Non Refundable as of the first day of the semester.
Student Center Fee $1 per unit (max $5 per semester) All students
*Not charged in Summer term
Non Refundable as of the first day of the semester.
Student Activity Fee $1 per unit (max $5 per semester) All students (Optional)
Waive Optional Fees
Non Refundable as of the first day of the semester.
COS Student Representative Fee $1 per semester All Students (Optional)
Waive Optional Fees
Non Refundable as of the first day of the semester.
CA Student Representative Fee (Active January 1, 2020) $1 per semester All Students (Optional)
Waive Optional Fees
Non Refundable as of the first day of the semester.

*Subject to change after approval of annual state budget - effective Fall 2020.

AB 2210-Special Immigrant Visa Fee Waiver

"Education Code section 68075.6 grants an immediate nonresident tuition fee exemption to eligible Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders and refugee students who settled in California upon entering the United States. This exemption is granted for one year from the date the student settled in California upon entering the United States."


Refunds are processed automatically if courses are dropped within the refundable time line. Refunds take approximately four weeks to process.

A student may receive a refund for:

  • Enrollment fees, if the student reduces his or her units of enrollment not later than the end of the second week of instruction.
  • The health fee, if the student withdraws totally from the college prior to the first day of classes.
Refund Amounts for Out-of-State Tuition / Oregon Exchange / International Students
Week in Semester Refund Percentage
Prior to semester 100%
1st Week 100%
2nd Week 75%
3rd Week 50%
4th Week 25%

*Subject to change (check the Business Office for the most current process)

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Refunds
Question Answer
If I register for a course but didn't attend am I eligible for a refund? No, at the time of registration you agree you are responsible for payment of the courses you are registering for. When you register you reserve that spot, which may not be filled if you don't drop but do not attend class.
If I have an extenuating circumstance may I appeal the refund decision? Yes, extenuating circumstance is defined in Title V as "Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of illness, accident, or other circumstances beyond your control." If this is the case you can complete a Petition for Refund.
What happens if I never paid my fees and don't intend to pay? A charge is placed on your account at time of registration and will stay on your account until paid. This balance will place a hold on you recieving any records or transcripts through COS and could prevent you from registering for future terms.
If I registered for the course and stayed registered for the entire course but stopped attending prior to the refund date am I eligible for a refund? No, a student must be officially dropped from a class to be eligible for a refund.

Contact Admissions and Records

Phone: (530) 938-5500

Contact Business Office

Phone: (530) 938-5203