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SAS Student Handbook

Liaison with College Staff

At times, disabled students need SAS staff to advocate on their behalf with college staff. For example, a student in a wheelchair may find that a class in which he/she/they are enrolled does not accommodate his/her/their chair. In this case SAS staff would contact the instructor and the Academic Affairs office to explain the need for a room change for the class. If a student is having difficulties communicating their needs to an instructor, SAS may advocate on the student's behalf.

SAS Student Responsibilities

  1. The student notifies the SAS staff of a need for advocacy.
  2. The student complies with the SAS staff's evaluation of the situation and the method of intervention recommended.
  3. If, for example, alternative test-taking situations are recommended, the student will complete appropriate SAS Forms for Test Taking Accommodations, and coordinate with the appropriate instructors and SAS Specialist.