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SAS Student Handbook

Test Accommodations

Sometimes a student's disability prohibits them from taking their test in a classroom setting. When this occurs, the SAS office provides test accommodations. The type of accommodation may include any of the following based on the student's disability and education/functional limitations:

  • Additional time
  • Distraction-reduced setting
  • A reader for the test
  • A scribe for the test
  • Enlarged print
  • Adapted computer equipment

SAS Student Responsibilites

Remember, all accommodations must be pre-approved by the Director/Counselor of SAS each semester.

If you will be using the test taking service in the SAS office, please make sure that you use this guide to make your testing experiences as successful and stress-free as possible.

  • As soon as you know a test has been scheduled, make an appointment with any SAS staff member. Three (3) school days notice is needed. Five (5) school days at Midterms and Finals.
  • A staff member will fill out the top part of the envelope with your personal accommodations.
  • Take the test envelope to your Instructor after you have made the appointment in the SAS office.
  • If you use extended time, make sure that your appointment will not run into your next class.
  • Be on time for your appointment.
  • Bring any supplies that are allowed and/or required to your test appointment.
  • Show up at your scheduled time, if you need to change your appointment, arrangements will have to be approved by your Instructor and SAS staff.
  • Tests not taken will be returned to the Instructor.

Remember: Your success is our goal!