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SAS Student Handbook

Alternate Format of Printed Materials

In order to make instruction accessible to all students, SAS will provide all required instructional materials in an alternate format to eligible students requesting such accommodations when necessary to compensate for limitations imposed by the student's disability. Alternate formats include large print, electronic text, Braille, tactile graphics, and audio. It may be necessary to cut the spine of the textbook being reproduced. The book will be returned to the student in spiral bound form.

The HTC maintains a number of workstations on the Weed campus and on the extended Yreka campus that include screen readers and audio headsets for accessing electronic text.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Request the service as early as possible (6 weeks is recommended) prior to the semester. An authorization by the Director is required each semester you require the service.
  2. Late requests will be honored. However, the timeline for completion of the work will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Purchase the textbook and bring it to the Alternative Media/Disabilities Specialist for SAS in the High Tech Center, and fill out a Request for Electronic Text form that gives the name of the book, author, edition, publisher, copyright date, and ISBN#.
    Note: This step must be completed before the publisher can be contacted. If the book is not readily available for purchase at the time of the request, contact the Alternative Media/Disabilities Specialist for SAS to determine another procedure.
  4. Provide a course syllabus and chapter deadlines to the Alternative Media/Disabilities Specialist for SAS.
  5. Sign an agreement indicating that you will not share e-text or other alternate format materials with others and to adhere to all pertinent copyright laws.
  6. Student agrees that SAS may cut the spine of the textbook if it is necessary for SAS to scan the text in-house. The text will be returned to the student in spiral bound format.
  7. Students requiring materials scanned into e-text must also make an appointment with HTC staff to demonstrate their ability, or be instructed in the use of the College's Scan-and-Read software. Students are responsible for scanning their own class handouts or other materials consisting of ten (10) pages or less. HTC staff is available to assist in this process.
  8. Students are responsible for picking up their materials in a timely manner, notifying SAS if they are no longer attending the class and do not need the service, or if there is any problem with the material produced.