College of the Siskiyous

Information for Students - the COVID-19 Crisis

(Updated 04/01/20. This information is subject to change.)

Dear Students,

We understand the transition to remote learning may be difficult. We want to provide you with as many services as we can to assist you with this transition. Please remember that we are all in this together and are here to help you complete the semester. Your success is important to us. We want to support you in any way we can. These are extraordinary times and we are working to ensure we are available to you as much as possible to keep us all safe and healthy.

How do I Complete?

For assistance with Canvas, please visit our Canvas Guides / Resouces page that has resources to help you get started:
We also have a video to help you get started:

If you are still in need of assistance, contact us at or call +1 (844) 592-2201 - 24/7 Canvas Support Hotline for Students

The Library is physically closed for the Summer but library staff is still here to support you! Go to the Library website for more information about research help, textbooks, and book checkouts:

Tutoring is available, and our tutors are eager to help. While the on-campus ASC is closed, real-time Zoom tutoring with your favorite ASC tutors is available in the ASC Canvas shell. To learn how to access tutoring and other academic supports, visit the ASC website.

NetTutor is accessible only through Canvas in the course navigation menu. However, if students do not have courses in Canvas, they can access NetTutor through the ASC Canvas shell which is linked to

Alternatives to Withdrawing

Before you consider dropping any courses, consider the following options.

Incomplete grades

At the instructors discretion, incomplete academic work for emergency reasons at the end of the term may result in a student asking an instructor for an incomplete ("I") grade.

  • The student must be passing the course at the time of the emergency.
  • The instructor will determine the conditions for completing the class (for example, what work needs to be completed and by when).
  • If the missing coursework is completed by the specified timeline, the "I" is replaced by the grade earned in the class. If not, the "I" converts to the grade specified on the Incomplete Grade Report form.
  • You can access the Incomplete Grade Report form from your Instructor. (Remember, you are asking your instructor if an incomplete is appropriate, not telling them you want an incomplete.)

Pass/No Pass option

COS has extended the time you can petition for Pass/No Pass. Check with your Counselor or Advisor to make sure this will not impact you later on in your college career.

  • P/NP option is available until May 1.
    • A "Pass" grade is issued if you earn an A, B, or C.
    • A "No Pass" grade is issued if you earn a D or F.
  • There are limitations on which classes can be taken Pass/No Pass:
    • Classes for your major/program should be taken for a grade.
    • Are you planning to transfer? Most universities want you to take major and GE requirements for a letter grade (Chancellor's Office is discussing this with CSUs and UCs here is the latest information CSU Undergraduate Admissions COVID-19 Impacts for CDE)
  • Universities also typically limit the number of units that can be taken using the Pass/No Pass option.
  • Please discuss this option with a Counselor or Advisor ( )

You can access Pass/No Pass either through your mySiskiyous or download and send in the Petition for Pass/NP through your COS email to

Before you Decide to Withdraw

If, due to the circumstances of your course or due to COVID-19, you need to drop your course, please investigate the situations below. Before you make your decision, we want to make sure it is the right option for you.

Yes – many students are finding they can finish some courses but not all. Please work with your Counselor or Advisor to ensure there are no repercussions.

  • CCPG (California College Promise Grant – formerly called BOG Fee Waiver): Normally, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in at least 50% of your classes for continued CCPG eligibility. If you withdraw using the COVID-19 Extenuating Withdrawal Form (see below), your continued eligibility will not be affected.
  • CalGrant: If you have already received your Cal Grant funds for Spring 2020, and you withdraw from classes, you will not have to return funds. If you were recently awarded a Cal Grant for Spring 2020, and you drop your classes, you will not receive the grant for Spring 2020.
  • Federal aid (grants and loans): In a normal term, withdrawing from ALL classes would result in our Financial Aid Office doing a "Return to Title IV" calculation to determine how much of your federal aid (grants, loans) would have to be repaid. It could also negatively impact your financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) evaluation, which can impact your eligibility for future terms.
    Spring 2020 Exception: The CARES legislation that passed and was signed on 3/27/20 suspends the usual Return to Title IV and SAP requirements for Spring 2020.
    All withdrawals are included in a financial aid student's academic eligibility calculation. Any student, who is determined ineligible for financial aid due to a withdrawal that affected either their GPA or Pace of Progress, may appeal for reinstatement based on the impact from the school closure.

Any withdrawal that results in a change to a student’s enrollment status (i.e. full-time to half-time) may result in a reduced award or repayment. For more information on how changes in enrollment affect financial aid disbursements contact

If you still have questions on how withdrawals may affect your financial aid, please contact Financial Aid at

For any questions you may have regarding your VA Educational Benefits, go to the Department of Veterans Affair Website Information is changing daily. You may also contact your VA Counselor Marcy Demetro or Certifying Official Hayley Pope

A grade of EW will be on your transcript. EW Stands for Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal. This will not count against a student’s academic progress or GPA standing. EW also does not count in the three takes rule for repeats.

Dropping now could have an effect on your athletic eligibility. Please contact the Athletic Department prior to dropping any classes. Contact Charlie Roche and Monique Gonsalez

If you are an international student, the rules are different. To protect your student visa, you are expected to maintain a full course of study of 12 units. Please contact the ISP office at to receive guidance on the consequences of withdrawing from a class.

If you withdraw from a course that is on your educational plan you should contact Counseling Services to ensure that you will still be on track.

Make sure to check in with your high school counselor before dropping classes. A withdrawal may affect your high school graduation requirements.

It depends on the nursing program you are planning to attend. The policy for the nursing program at College of the Siskiyous is that a "W" does not count as an attempt for a nursing prerequisite course. The "EW" would be treated the same as a "W". Contact Counseling and Advising ( for specifics.

In dropping you have two options:

Withdraw with a "W"

  • Withdrawing from a class now will result in a "W."
  • W's do not count toward the calculation of your GPA.
  • W's are calculated in academic probation and dismissal procedures.
  • W's count as an attempt to take a class; students are allowed to attempt to take a class three times maximum.
  • W's will not result in a refund of any fees you paid for the class.

Withdrawal – You can use mySiskiyous to withdraw from your course. This will put a W on your transcript and will calculate towards probation or dismissal status. This will also affect financial aid. Students can process this through April 17, 2020 for full semester length courses. Please check with your instructor for short-term class deadline dates.

Withdraw with an "EW"

Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal Form

  • An Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal ("EW") is used when a student needs to withdraw due to circumstances beyond their control (like the coronavirus pandemic).
  • EW's do not count toward the calculation of your GPA.
  • EW's do not count toward academic probation or dismissal procedures.
  • EW's do not count as an attempt to take a class.
  • EW's WILL result in a refund of fees you paid for the class.

Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal (EW) - The EW can affect your financial aid the same way a W does; however, when you drop through the EW possible Financial Aid may send you a petition to not have it count in your SAP.